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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dressing up Woodblock for the big day!

We finally found woodblock's vest! The most wonderful thing about this vest is that is can be worn in 2 styles. The reason for this is that the vest is actually make up of 2 layers - Inner black and outer grey.
The layering provides details for the simple wear of the groom so that the groom will not appear too dull and yet at the same time enhance the smartness of wearing a vest.

For a more casual event, the vest can be worn with the outer vest layer unbutton while the inner black vest stays button =) initially woodblock wans to wear a black suit but he will appear a little too formal for the garden wedding. Furthermore, he is afraid of hot weather. BUT i din want him to just wear a plain long sleeve shirt either, so the negotiation cam upon the idea of a vest which I feel that we have made quite a good choice becos woodblock actually looks good in them =)

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