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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buttonholes for the groom

For many of you who doesn't know what buttonholes are, don't worry cos I just found out only a few moments ago what it it. Basically, the flower corsage place on the groom's chest is known as buttonhole. Lol interesting name which makes me ponder why pple name it this way. Anyway the reason why I was suddenly interested in this buttonhole issue is that I realise that for woodblock's outfit, he actually look quite good in the white long sleeve shirt =) Therefore, one of my guy fren suggest why not asked him to put on a pink buttonhole?
Therefore, it starts to tick in me whether if it is time for me to think about whether woodblock should be accessorise in order for him to keep to white long sleeve shirt but yet is able to keep to the theme.

However, I'm not sure how much woodblock is keen to put on a flower on his chest but most importantly I was hoping he can have some accessories which makes him feel 'cool' haha = )

Now other then the conventional flower buttonholes here are some of the cool finds I found and suggest to local daring grooms who are sick of the limited choice they have for buttonholes:

Crystal buttonholes:

Now this brooch really caught my eye and I found it really attractive. However, the catch to all the guys' brooch is not just the design but really the use of colours. Like I mentioned even though e need to have a more fashionable accessories for guys but den it wun be helping them if we to make it a very girly colour esp when we are using it together with feathers and crystals.

Ooo LA LA. I love this brooch. It reminds of a prince with a vintage brooch on this chest. Hello, if a brid can be princess for a day I don't see why a groom shouldn't be her real prince charming for the day haha. However, I dont think you can find similar items on the market so most likely when you either DIY or custom made it, we should simplify it a little so that it wun be a little overwhelming and steal the limelight from the bride.

For for those who loves a mixed of casual street style brooch may try something like the above. Of cos the groom and the bride can choose to add in hanging ornaments which may reflect their personality or interests to make the brooch more meaningful and personalise to them. In fact, I actually thought we can even have the initials of the couple=)
Ok sure update the rest some other time cos its time for dinner =)

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