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Monday, October 27, 2008

Just some pink and gem finds at Diaso for wedding decos

For asian stlye weddings pink lanterns can make a statement if you know how to customise it.

Night or evening weddings it be great to glitter up the skies with some silver stars

Eh a bit Christmasy but who cares when it is pink =P

These are the important ornaments which we can hang on the mini hook stands=)
For those who cant get enough you can get this as a wedding favour
Can get chic scissors to cut out wedding decos
This is a bottle of pink acrylic paint which we can paint on plastic wedding photo frame and even plastic banners.

PInk star wrapping papers.

Woo nice pink shade tiles!

I have a feeling Hong might strangle me if I buy all these home for no reasons.

Pink creepers for coiling around the curtains etc

Heart shape pegs to clip ur wonderful photos. It comes in pink and red and even other designs like lady bugs!
Pink medium crystals

Pink ornamental beads and crystals.

More hanging ornaments.

My fav: Assorted Pink Polka Dot Paper
Just a word to my frens, really thanks for helping me prep for the wedding esp Hong who has lost all her precious Sundays to me in running around to purchase materials and also to Qi who has been busy compiling all the songs for me (I hope her ears dun go swollen from all these hard core music listening)=) P.S: Don't worry I din buy any of them in case you are worried that that woodblock now has a burnt pocket from a Fiancee who just simply loves Diaso!

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