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Monday, October 27, 2008

Reception table decos

Hong has express that she might be going for those Country style decos for the reception table. So I thought mabbe I shall chipped in my part in case she is over loaded with too much work (but most importantly she hasn't have a concrete plan yet lol).

Ok like I mentioned n the last blog I love the Hello Kitty and hello daniel with the lush greenery scene. Well since it is A GARDEN WEDDING I thought mabbe I should reflect that at least for the reception table and it wouldn't hurt to throw in some plushies together with it.
Anyway I call this Project Woodblock: Meaning Woodblock will be working on this =P

Well this is just a glimpse of the raw materials. I have also bought in some creepers(of cos with flowers) and I am planning to hang some mini signboards or heart shape in the middle of the so call arch. I have bend the arch by quite a bit so that it will resemble something similar to that of a heart shape =)

I am also now working on the 'Shout-out Booth' signboard which is really pushing me to WITS end for the first time. The reason is becos the pictures requires as little decos as possible, meaning I need to learn how to add in perhaps a title and at most a few borders to give it some classic beauty. I'm now putting on the photos into a transparent hardboard which is usually use for pple to protect and display their document. But I'm too beat to take a pic of it. I will only take a pic of it once I am finish with it.

Some how I am getting nervous as the days is nearing when I realise there are so many undone things that is now making me starting to panic like nuts.


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