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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Flower Girl has just say I DO to Flower Boy

I'm so happy today, other den settling the test tubes, my colleague has been very geerous to lend me the display stand for my wedding reception too woohoo.

Just when I was floating around, I receive a call from Pearlyn(my cousin n the mummy of my Flower Boy). Well you see during a recent party to welcome my granny home, Pearlyn suggested to invite the fren of Flower Boy to be the Flower Girl. This conversation got Flower Boy Chen Chen Super Dubly xcited and happy. WHY? Helloe this is the dream girl of his life, I can almost sense him waggin his tail xcitedlyif he eva has one) and almost drooling at the name of his Dream Girl(which I cant rem the name). In fact, when we mentioned names of other girls to be the flower Girl, he has this'I Dun Wan them can =(' attitude .

So today in school Dream Girl have finally say I Do to my Flower Boy to be his Flower Girl(I hope he isnt getting the wrong idea that he is getting married and runs off with my rings). Ah sweetnessI cant wait to see the dream girl of Chen Chen's life that make him wag his tail so much (ops I keep forgetting he doesn't have one). Suddenly I felt that on that day, Woodblock is not the only guy who feel on TOP of ths world becos someONE is now sharing the same piece of exciteent lol. I shall buy some kawaii accessories for my little Flower Girl to reward her beauty and charm to make Flower Boy go GAGA over her.

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