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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Fabulous Dream Peach Pink Rom Gown is out!

Yay today was a joyous day! Woodblock and my jie meis all took time down to company me to the bridal shop(Bliss bridal creations). So much excitement to go for gown fitting esp the last visit was more then a few months ago. To be honest it can be nerve racking pondering what the gown could turn out since the memories of the discussion of the details of the gown was pretty vague after such a long while. I must say Kingsley has really not failed my expections and I luv the gown so much! My gown is Peach Pink in colour which I prefer over the pastel kind of pink!

As promise, I secretly took pics for a dear fren of mine who unfortunately wasnt able make it on this exciting moment.

I love the huge organza flower that kingsley has attached onto my gown. I think his work is incredible, the bubbly dress combine with the short and long gown length concept - Puuurfect gown for a bride like me!

Try to play cheat by tipping toe - This reminds me that kingsley doesn't like my shoes lol cos think it is way to glittering and distracting steal all the limelight from his master piece =0

A final curtsy before changing out of my gown.

Oh yah I am so glad that woodblock's outfit color blended well with mine! Another worry down.

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