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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sale at Club MARC

Yay gals and even guys out there especially, Club Marc is now having a 50% sale! For those who needs to get some nice shirts, pants and even shoes for wedding, it wouldn't hurt to check this place out. Of cos I bought some clothes for wood block! Yes stop thinking that I am ill treating or torturing him, I decked him with many nice free clothes ok =P Muahaha evil beary laughter. In fact it ended up that I din get any clothes for myselves at a lot of sales while woodblock will usually get a piece or 2 from me.

Now you know that this is no ordinary woodblock, this woodblock likes to look pretty too lol.Sometimes it can be pretty amusing to see how woodblock is bewitched by the mirrors. Everytime we go shopping, woodblock will find some mirror and get himself station there as though it has cast a spell on him. No matter how small or how thin that slice of mirror is, woodblock will always manage to locate it in all shops while I am shopping at. He is so glued to the mirror that he is oblivious even when I stepped out of the shop. It became so fun after some time, as I will deliberately leave the shop and stand outside the shop to look at him watching the mirror so intently.

Yet at the same time it can become a nusiance, when you need the mirror to see how pretty you look like in the dress , he will always be getting in the way and you need to shoo him hard enuff to get him away from the mirror.Yes if you are a guy dun luff, I bet you are always checking out yourselves in the mirror like woodblock and us gals too lol. YOu should be brave like woodblock who stare at himself so intently in the mirror in public areas. Yes guys are allowed and deserve to make sure they look decent enuff so let's be open minded about it=)

Anyway here's Woodblock's treasure buy:

Ok glad that he is still S size lol despite his fav food is call buffet.

Pink and Silver stripes

The actual pink is actually much richer than what is shown on the pics tho too bad I cant capture it with my camera=(

OK gotta rest after a nice jog with woodblock... Shall retire for bed! Now looking forwardto tmr's trip down to Isetan to shop with Meiqi

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