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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reminiscence Romance @ Scarlet with Princess Christine

Now that Sir woodblock and me are officially married and with valentine's day falling upon chinese new year, I we decided that we will make full good use of the holidays and hold a pre-vdae celebration @ Scarlet hotel.

The very reason why we were going back to Scarlet to hold our celebration is not just only about their wonderful service but most importantly, it is located just a road away from Chinatown to allow us to go last min shopping and immerse ourselves in the hearty new year mood! Perhaps we will be trying out more other hotels in the coming years to share with you pals so that you can have more ideas on what to plan with your partner with regards to special date plans =)

When we first arrived at Scarlet Hotel, as usual we were being specially attended to and the manager brought us up to our room. I was so crazily happy to know that the executive room that I have booked has been upgraded to an executive room with balcony! Dont get me wrong I am never into balcony so what was it that was making me go GAGA about the upgrade??? Well you will know it in a short while =P

Once we arrive at our room, I was drawn this message and the attached CD.... This wasnt present in the normal standard room that I have booked previously so it makes me even curious....

A sexy cover

Very interesting list of songs but i dun really have a proper music player in our room, so I wasnt too entice to get one.

Cant tell you how much Princess Christine is always inspire to do up her room almost exactly like the rooms in Scarlet hotel!!! So grand, royal and tastefully decorated.

After admiring at our room, we realise that we were running out of time.... and we quickly took a cab down to Aranda Club for our French Cuisine Dinner. It didnt really look like a good day for quite a number of pple as we prolly saw there were 3 car accidents along the way on the expressway.

Wooah my vdae flower in a glass?

Care for a drink sir woodblock? Rose tea???

Nah that's just the centerpiece on the table!! I thought it was quite a simple, elegant setup and definitely cost saving!!! So I took the pic to share with BTBs who wans to DIY their centerpieces too.

I was really in a great and dreamy mood with the nice romantic love melodies and music playing in the restaurant. It felt even better when we were the first too arrive to enjoy the serenity together and immerse in the romancing mood.

Of course, as usual restaurant always provide a stalk of rose for the ladies =) It might seem kinda pointless to many but it felt always funny whenever I see the waitress/waiter trying their best to pass the stalk of rose to the gentlemen and hinting them to present it to their date in full view. For a few moments, these waitress/waiter seriously looks like those matchmakers trying to take care of the lost and blur guys for a blind date.

Hmm my fav, champagne!!! I wish they gave us a bottle instead of just a glass. It was yummy!

Sir Woodblock saying cheers to Princess Christine. However I wasnt really returning his cheers as I was already.....

busy chomping my appetiser and food away! The appetiser was really fabulous and I love how it wasnt presented lol

The prawns are really in a very "sexy" position!

Next comes my apparagus soup with coconut cream.

Love the colour but I didnt like it as I prefer sweet cream soup like pumpkin soup etc. The soup was too salty for our likings and we didnt finish it up in the end.

Our mains! Cod fish!

I have no idea what was on top of the cod fish.... mushroom? escargots? whatever it is, it was delicious and I wish they have put more too. The problem with fine dining is that it is very limited in QUANTITY (sob =()

Sir woodblock's fav type of fish happens to be codfish, so to him this main dish was really thumbs up!

Finally the choc mousse dessert. Surprisingly, the mousse wasnt heavy and Princess Christine really savour very single cream of it =)

Cheers to a wonderful French dinner @ Le Aranda!

After dinner, we got back to our room.... finally I shall solve the mystery of why I am so happy about the upgrade. The real meaning of the upgrade it that now our room is directly in front of the SODA!!!
What's the SODA? It's definitely not a bar but rather.....

Our room number => so that now you know which is the BEST GENUINE upgraded executive room....

The LEGENDARY SODA!!! An almost private jacuzzi for us as nobody actually step in once you are inside as it can be a little paiseh to share "romantic moments" with other couples in a jacuzzi.

The water was warm and woodblock and me had a great time dipping and enjoying the massage from the water jets.

Nothing felt even more romantic as I laid there in the jacuzzi looking up at the sky with little stars and more importantly a balcony-like stairway at the side makes me feel like Romeo, looking and waiting for Juliet to come to the balcony to express his love for her.

All I can say the setting was really PERFECT and exceeded my expectations! So after all the intimate moments alone, we decided to exercise our muscle and go down to the chinatown street to JALAN JALAN (walking and shopping).

True enough the streets was overcrowded but we really had a great time in the crowd and tasting food samples goodies here and there.... (erm just let us call it a supper walk)....

It wasnt before long we felt really tired and retire back to bed but the very first thing when we woke up the next morning was.....

Woodblock lazing on the sunbed reading papers provided Scarlet hotel

As for me, I am not into reading papers early in the morning... but a soaked in the jacuzzi was puuuurfect for a princess like me!

Again when I looked up the sky, it is gorgeous! I wonder why the sky over the jacuzzi just looks so fabulous?? Fengshui?? The night before felt like some dreamy purplish midsummer nightsky. Now in the daytime, the sky is of a very clean and deep blue.....

Cant helped to show how much I love jacuzzi... Sir woodblock can I have one like this at home???

After we check out, we headed very HUNGRILY to our FAVOURITE dim sum hangout restaurant, Tak po, in Chinatown. (the so many benefits of staying near chinatown)

The restaurant is popular with the residents staying @ chinatown and it is no surprise that it is always so crowded in the morning!

Sir woodblock picking out the dim sums! For me I was drooling at the side cos I am super hungry.

Tak Po is fabulous not because of the super duper friendly $$$ pricing of the food but most importantly I prefer to dine in air conditioned(and the air con must be strong enough, not those kind of dying air con) environment, making dining not just so satisfying for your stomach but also very satisfying for your whole physical body and even your pockets!

For those who love to watch chefs in action, you can see in full view in nice airconditioned environment of how your food is prepped.

The SuPER WOW breakfast spread!!!

My Fav mei chai pork steam rice!! MUST TRY!

Finally we got back home to prep for the reunion dinner at my granny's place....

Bought all these cutie tiger ang pows at chinatown....

I was really excited that it as My first time giving away ang pows!

Some momento to commerate this "special event".

However, after wrapping, woodblock didnt felt so excited about the "special event" anymore lol

PS: We just went to watch liao zhai rocks yesterday and it was fabulous. Today is the last day of screening, so do catch it before it's gone! Shall post on this experience in next blog entries.