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Friday, December 31, 2010

Princess Christine's Maternity Fashion Runway

I am happy to say that I have finally compiled sufficient maternity clothings to tide me through the pregnancy as my tummy grow in size every day. As I am a no frill person, it isnt a surprise that when i do my compilation, I include dresses of size variation up to the the full trimester and even the nursing tops!

Now in order to make the clothes representation as truthful as possible on how it will appear on a pregnant mummy, I asked Ah li (my wonderful sis in law) to help me out with the mini photoshoot taking for all these maternity clothes with no make up and editing and of course we took the picture during the time when my tummy is already up and showing, with me fattening up by a great lot. Of course I will look not as fabulous as when I was slim but heck with it as I am here to capture my pregnancy journal with accuracy to show it to my little one in future when he/she grows up. To date I am heavier by 3.9 kg and now at a weight of 53.9kg. Quite in tune with the weight chart I have computed with the pregnancy weight calculator sometime ago.

We used 2 cameras to capture all the details of the dresses since no editing (which makes me look kind of pale but i like the natural look of it too) is to be done (ok i admit i have no idea how to edit accept for cropping and adjusting brightness and contrast like a junior). All pictures are taken at home with no frills.

So here's the Royal Maternity Runway Parade brought to you by
Princess Christine!

Princess Closet 1 : Sweet Navy Casual (Spring Maternity) . (Black ribbon brooch own)
A dress that makes a mummy feel slim, royal and lady like with the simple but yet elegant cut.

Princess Closet 2: Eco Chic (Grey Satin sash own) (My Little Angels Maternity)
Love the refreshing green colour which brightens up a mummy's day out!! Can be worn for my third trimester as it can be a big size dress without the sash on.

Princess Closet 3: Hip Hop Yoyo (9mos) (Grey spagetti own)
Suitable for my third trimester as this is a L size piece. I love the creativity of the design of the dress as it looks so hip hop on a mummy to be.

Princess Closet 4: Pastel Pink Rainbow (Spring Maternity) (Pink tank top own)
The sweet pink pastel stripes won my hearts down =)

Princess Closet 5: Oriental Elegance (Spring Maternity)
Gorgeous mandarin collar meets summer garden green. A fusion fashion statement with a East meets West.

Princess Closet 6: Nerd Me Not (Nursing top from spring maternity)(Nerd specs own)
A bright pastel purple stripes brightens up even the day of a super nerd, making it a fun filled day!

Princess Closet 7: The FantaEeeeeeeeeelastic Pants (3/4 pants from Spring Maternity)
The navy blue stripe details on the pocket is something i love very much and the pants easily goes well with all the various maternity tops that i bought.

Princess Closet 8: Princess Juliet (Nursing top from Moms in mind)(Necklace and pink tank top own)
A classic juliet cream top which brings out the romantic poet in a mummy.

Princess Closet 9: Purple Butterfly Dream (Nursing top from Moms in mind)(Brooch and pink tank top own)
The front twist highlights the sexy curves of a mummy from bust to baby tummy.

Princess Closet 10: Macha Delight (Scarlet) (Hairband own)
A very comfortable top suitable to be worn esp in my third trimester. The tradition macha feel of the top makes me wanna go KONICHIWA!
Princess Closet 11: Hawaii Shopaholic (Nursing top from Spring Maternity) (Grey spaggetti own)
Going on a "beachy", wild and notty shopping spree? Here's the perfect mummy nursing top which makes the mummy shine with a vibrance which glares into the eye of every onlookers.
Princess Closet 12: Passionate Spring (Spring Maternity)
Great for the coming chinese new year!

Princess Closet 13: Sweet Spring (Spring Maternity)
A refreshing floral garden dress that doesnt need much accessories to flatter the mummy itself. One of my hot favourites too.

Princess Closet 14: Glamour (Marc Jacob) (Acessories own)
One of my great favourites! Uptown taitai in an instant! Suitable for parties and attending banquets =)

Princess Closet 15: Runway Wave (Marc Jacob)
I was taken aback by this dress as it didnt really feel flattering until i personally put it on. The many details from sequins to to cross ties on the side of the dress gives me lots of surprise on how much a fashion runway piece this dress is!

Princess Closet 16: Sweet Blush (Necklace own)
Going for a casual marketing trip to the nearest supermarket? Fashion up with this cute purple print dress that makes your marketing trip a whole lot KAWAII!

Princess Closet 17: I Mean Bizness (Maternity Skirt)
The 2 sexy slits in front makes a mean biz woman a sassy woman!

Princess Closet 18: Split Tease (Maternity Skirt)
No worries about the split in front as it is actually all covered but definitely a tease to those around you.

Princess Closet 19: She isnt Preg at All? (Maternity Skirt)
Love this skirt to the core for the very fact that it has a visual slimming effect! I almost look non preggy at all lol!

Princess Closet 20: Vintage Princess (Mother World) (Necklace own)
A sweet vintage dress that reminds me of a similar dress i worn when i was young. So sweet that it will melt your hubby's heart!

Wah so many pieces of maternity clothings and I have yet include a pair of maternity jeans which i plan to wear it during my third trimester with its plus size.
Total Damage for all 21 pieces?

KACHING of $136! (Avg of $6.50 per piece!!! WAHHhhhhhh)

How can this be when so many of the pieces are branded???? These are actually the hardwork i have put in for the past 2 months in collating and sourcing the various affordable 2nd hand maternity dresses from the various mummies on the forum. I guess as long as they look fabulous on me, who cares about it being a used piece right?

Another truimph victory by Princess Christine!! WOOHOOoo!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Baby Prince Looks Like!

Well I havent been updating much while being coop up at home most of the time due to my severe back pain, I did enjoy a trip down to the library occasionally browsing through motherhood magazines and cant help but express how fabulous it was for reading to help me prepped bit by bit and to update more on my knowledge bank.

I have also been keeping myself busy with online trading for 2nd hand maternity clothes which is a real GEM as I no longer have to find myself running out often as when I was preparing for my DIY wedding all the stuff I need. Plus if you ever visit a maternity boutique store, you will be shocked by the crazy prices they are selling the clothes *shocked*. The expensive cost of this and that really kills parents and I will soon have an entry about all my nice exclusive 2nd hand buys as soon as i think i stocked up sufficient. Then I will asked Sir woodblock to help me snap my 1st Maternity Fashion Parade lol!!!

I am glad I am finally getting happier now as the past few weeks was a killer and I cant help but admit that I might be suffering a mild pre natal blue. Not only did I suffer early from a lower back pain, I also suffered from many other symtoms like UTI (urinary tract infection) and a rash which i think is similar to this PUPP rash (Pruritic Urticarial Papules or Plaques of Pregnancy).

This rash is so terrible that it started appearing all over my tummy area and spread even to my butt and neck area. It felt terrible to be itching all over and I have to apply lots of diaper rash cream over my body to help overcome the itch.

I guess all these 101 symptoms add up to a lot of depression and hormonal imbalance and eventually I started to have pimple outbreaks!! The most frustrating thing of all is that I realise I wont be able to use any pimple related products or those retinoid products to help with the pimples and they are harmful to the baby. Thank goodness I have 2 saviour products that eventually help me out => Aloe Vera Gel (Jorubi) and Hiruscar. These 2 are WONDERS! Esp HIRUSCAR!!! I started using this after I know that that Hiruroid is a gel that doctor often prescribed in the hospital for healing surgery scar. However, back then, I only use it for body scar and not the face as it was not meant for it. However, a year back ago, the company started to release the Scar healing gel for the face too !!!! It's a super yay as this works so much better then the condolisa scar heal which is not only more expensive and comes in very minute quantity. Of course when I say it works wonder I dont mean it in a day but it does show real significant results in a quite a few days!!

See review by another preggy mummy:

Even if you are not pregnant but if you have trouble dealing with pimple scar, I cant tell you how much you should just have one and start using it.

I wish I started using that earlier as all these pimples and etc makes me feel a little angry with my baby because I just felt someone must be blame for all these terrible ordeal I am in. For many days, I refuse to talk to my baby (as in to my tummy) nor even stroke baby (my tummy). Thanks to Sir woodblock, he took time off and started to bond baby Hui and me which was not easy as I have quite a temper during the depressed period. So now Baby Hui and me are best friends again =) Yay!

Since now me and Baby Hui are best friends, I felt that I really need to take a peep at how my new best friend will look like: