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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Baby Prince Looks Like!

Well I havent been updating much while being coop up at home most of the time due to my severe back pain, I did enjoy a trip down to the library occasionally browsing through motherhood magazines and cant help but express how fabulous it was for reading to help me prepped bit by bit and to update more on my knowledge bank.

I have also been keeping myself busy with online trading for 2nd hand maternity clothes which is a real GEM as I no longer have to find myself running out often as when I was preparing for my DIY wedding all the stuff I need. Plus if you ever visit a maternity boutique store, you will be shocked by the crazy prices they are selling the clothes *shocked*. The expensive cost of this and that really kills parents and I will soon have an entry about all my nice exclusive 2nd hand buys as soon as i think i stocked up sufficient. Then I will asked Sir woodblock to help me snap my 1st Maternity Fashion Parade lol!!!

I am glad I am finally getting happier now as the past few weeks was a killer and I cant help but admit that I might be suffering a mild pre natal blue. Not only did I suffer early from a lower back pain, I also suffered from many other symtoms like UTI (urinary tract infection) and a rash which i think is similar to this PUPP rash (Pruritic Urticarial Papules or Plaques of Pregnancy).

This rash is so terrible that it started appearing all over my tummy area and spread even to my butt and neck area. It felt terrible to be itching all over and I have to apply lots of diaper rash cream over my body to help overcome the itch.

I guess all these 101 symptoms add up to a lot of depression and hormonal imbalance and eventually I started to have pimple outbreaks!! The most frustrating thing of all is that I realise I wont be able to use any pimple related products or those retinoid products to help with the pimples and they are harmful to the baby. Thank goodness I have 2 saviour products that eventually help me out => Aloe Vera Gel (Jorubi) and Hiruscar. These 2 are WONDERS! Esp HIRUSCAR!!! I started using this after I know that that Hiruroid is a gel that doctor often prescribed in the hospital for healing surgery scar. However, back then, I only use it for body scar and not the face as it was not meant for it. However, a year back ago, the company started to release the Scar healing gel for the face too !!!! It's a super yay as this works so much better then the condolisa scar heal which is not only more expensive and comes in very minute quantity. Of course when I say it works wonder I dont mean it in a day but it does show real significant results in a quite a few days!!

See review by another preggy mummy:

Even if you are not pregnant but if you have trouble dealing with pimple scar, I cant tell you how much you should just have one and start using it.

I wish I started using that earlier as all these pimples and etc makes me feel a little angry with my baby because I just felt someone must be blame for all these terrible ordeal I am in. For many days, I refuse to talk to my baby (as in to my tummy) nor even stroke baby (my tummy). Thanks to Sir woodblock, he took time off and started to bond baby Hui and me which was not easy as I have quite a temper during the depressed period. So now Baby Hui and me are best friends again =) Yay!

Since now me and Baby Hui are best friends, I felt that I really need to take a peep at how my new best friend will look like:




  1. congrats on your pregnancy Christine!

    can i enquire about something? did your your Bridal package include the Actual Day and Pre wedding Photography sessions and albums? Do you get to choose which photographer you wanted or the bridal shop has a designated one?


  2. he will be a good baby~!

    I got PUPP rashes all over my body except my face during my last stage of pregnancy too. it's horrible but harmless, but many people find it disgusting. Just bear with them a bit more and it will be gone immediately once baby is out :)

    Merry christmas and a happy new year!

  3. The usual bidal package normally do not provide AD photography. Hope the info helps. You can choose your own designated photographer according to availability =)

    Shirley thanks for the sharing! It makes me feel so much better and assured hearing that =)