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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ancient Calendar for Baby Gender Prediction

After all the excitement of the pregnancy news in the early weeks of pregnancy and the reassurance of the baby's survival stability in week 12, the next wave of excitement which is plunge into all mummies and daddies' mind will be about the baby's gender.

Now I discovered that it seems of be a fashion but both the ang mos and the chinese mummies are all turning to this Ancient chinese gender chart for the fun of predicting of their baby's gender. My cousin Pearlyn shared with me that she did refer to the chart and it was really accurate for her case.

Of course for those who may be thinking of having your first or second baby, this is probably a chart you may want to refer to if you have a specific gender in mind. But if you ask me, this can only be refer for reference to predict baby gender and not really to prepare a baby with a specific gender as concieving is not as easy as it seem to be like those tv drama.

OK here's some historical information of the origin of the calender:

History of ancient chinese gender chart
Ancient chinese gender chart calculator is the oldest method of baby gender prediction. It was discovered over 700 years ago in Beijing. Many people ask how accurate is the chinese pregnancy gender predictor. Chinese gender prediction charts claim to be accurate, however were not proven to be accurate, and are used mainly for entertainment purposes.

Ancient China came up with the ancient chinese gender predictor calculator because throughout history the chinese preferred boys over girls. In China, they always needed more farmers and soldiers. Boys would bring more money into the family by working in fields, while girls stayed home until they got married. China has also been through many wars, and they needed more soldiers. By creating lunar chinese pregnancy calendar boy or girl gender prediction chart and calculator, they were able to come up with the pregnancy chinese gender prediction chart that predicts the gender of the unborn baby. However, the free chinese baby gender chart predictors have never been scientifically proven. So when you wonder how accurate is the chinese calendar boy or girl predictor and calculator, keep in mind that they might not be accurate.

It is said that the ancient pregnancy chinese gender prediction chart was found in a royal tomb by a chinese scientist. Chinese gender calculator test was recently discovered, and now chinese table quiz predictions are used to predict the gender of the baby during pregnancy. Chinese gender calendar boy or girl chart is based on lunar calendar which shows dates according to the phases of the moon. Chinese lunar calendar baby predictor uses mother's chinese age at the time of conception and the month of conception. This baby gender prediction is based on the belief that women of the same age are more likely to conceive babies of the same gender.

So now we get to know about this calendar better, it is good to warn the users that this calender must be use in the correct way!

Many of the ang mos webbies failed to address the right usage of this calendar as they were not familiar with the concept of the chinese lunar age and chinese lunar month which is the actual numbers that we have to input for reading the chart. So for those of you who are lost in calculating the lunar age and lunar month of conception, here's 2 websites I found who can do the conputation for you.

The longitude for Singapore is 55E. So here's my lunar age computation:

Calculate your chinese lunar age

My lunar age is 27!

The lunar age will definitely be accurately but it is the lunar month of conception that is the tricky part. No one knows for sure when is the conception date as it depends on the rate at which the sperm travels. It will be a gullible statement if you assume that the dates that you have sex is the same day as the conception which is not absolutely true. So my advice is to input a range of dates in which you might think you have concieve. So it's really like give and take.

Calculate your conception lunar month
So after the computation: My lunar month of conception was the earliest at July and the latest possible month will be in September.

Looks like Baby Hui have a high chance to be a boy boy!

What do me and daddy woodblock yearns for? All I can say is opposite sex attracts. So while I want a baby boy, daddy woodblock and Ah ma (my mother in law) prefers a baby girl. However, if you asked me, I have a hunch my wonderful hubby and MIL is really thoughtful as I understand that they must have thought a few steps ahead about the quota problem as sir woodblock is the only son. Definitely, due to this, both of them refuse to let me get stressed out over this nitty gritty problem of gender issues =)

I love both my family and in laws family! I feel bless and happy=)


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