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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Christine the GREA-T-O!

Some may be pondering if Princess Christine has ben mummified since she has gone lost for a week about her whereabouts. Well great to say that nope i aren't gone dead yet but I'm more of less half dead with the busy work schedule esp for the last weeks of work. In fact this week I'm going to work on Sat and Sunday too (meaning there's work tmr =( morning )

Before I keep you updated of my triump yesterday .... here's some pics to give you some hints of the GOOD news!!!!
SUPA Christine Pose No. 1
SUPA Christine Pose No.2
SUPA Christine POSE No. 3
Have you guess correctly???
YAY I WON a medal from the staff relay compeition!!!!!! Yep yep
I just couldn' t hide my laughter),
despite I have knee problem from the car accident =P I am freaking proud of my colleagues and myself for such great work esp when you are talking about a person who has never won first in running all my life before.
AHEM eh eh eh don't look down on me man, I might look like a gentle weak lady BUT it doesn't mean I am those who will run halfway and then faint like some damsel in distress. Psst
psst.... even though I'm short, I have ever won first in skipping before in Primary
five too =P (too bad my primary school has close down so there's not much of any evidence I guess)

SO YET AGAIN, PRincess Christine is officially "Haolian-ING" (PROUD) over her newfound talent

Alright! Enough for sharing my triumph. Today, I just brought woodblock out on a shopping hunt for his clothes for the wedding. After much search, we ended up in POA (for man of cos) and bought him a white shirt, a blazer and a real chio tie. So we will be collecting the stuff next weekend which I will ask model woodblock to wear it and showcase it on the blog. ANyway I just realise that the blazer was won by Guoliang during Michelle CHia's wedding!!!
Sigh I wish I have more energy to use my digi cam to take pics of so many things I would like to share but which I am too tired to. So let me recharge first before show casing them.
I'm now looking forward to the 3D movie show (Aliens vs MOnsters) which woodblock is bringing me and Ahli to watch at 11:25 pm later! I SSIMPLY love late night movies with woodblock!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Experimenting with logos

If you have following Princess Christine's journey in her wedding planning, you most probably would have noticed her cute couple logo. So being copycats (hahaha), my fiance and I have been thinking about logos recently too.

For a personalised wedding, the first touch is to have a personalised logo.
Not only can you use them in your invitations, that is if you are looking at something non-traditional, non-red, non-Xi, they can also double up as part of the decorations, letterheads, stickers etc. They can also be used to reflect your theme for the wedding.

You can just search online for wedding logos/monograms and there's a huge selection online. But we decided to try our hands on doing it ourselves. But no matter how I look at them, I still think those designed by professionals are so much nicer. Hopefully some arty farty kind souls out there can volunteer to do this for us FOC? hahah

Saturday, May 23, 2009

EXPOSE- My Rom Wedding Expenditure

Now I know many btbs out there are wondering a great deal on how much did I spent exactly on my ROM so I thought I can give them an overall detailed view of the expediture:

I invited about 50 plus guests in total but Mandai Orchid Garden was kind enough to charge me at 50 pax flat which I am so thankful to them.
Tea reception (which the portion is almost like a lunch reception)
43 bucks per pax ++
= $2515.50

Decor = approx $500 (which includes the cloth for lining the raillings, faux flower pomanders to decorthe raillings, flower pomander at the center, test tube flowers with faux flowers, fresh flowers + petals for decor for both the hut + dining area stand+ flower bouquet +other micellaneous+wedding cards+wedding chocs+coasters in mini favour pots etc i think+pink egyptian cloth to line the 4 long tables )

DIY decors = 50 bucks (DIY ring crystal crown on the pillow, the msg boards, feather pens plus pen base, DIY ang paos, confetti cones, wine box , heart shape lock, letters and envelopes)

Secret additional cost to add the strong splash of PINKish colour =120+30.4 bucks=150.4 (Pink Choc Fondue + Pink cupcakes + 8 bottles of fruit punch=> in the end I still have 2 to 3 bottles left)

Woodblock's Clothes = i think about 200 bucks (cos i don't rem the cost at all actually)

My made to measure ROM dress = FOC from the 3388 package from bridal shop so let's count it as 500 bucks then

Wedding Bands = let's run it up to 850 bucks

Wedding heels = let's run it up to $30 bucks

ROM PG = $588

Super Grand Total: $5383.90 (for every single MINUTE details as many pple often left out costing like the rings, pens etc)

It may sound freaking expensive as a whole but i really want to have a true dream garden wedding which is like the bulk of the cost(as in the venue). But in order for that to happen, the decors have to be so deeply heavily DIY until even though on the pics it may appear as though that the decors is going to cost me at least 1.5 k(it's average market price if you consider how much flowers and the no of decors in the list have been use for the venue) but in actual fact it costs me 550 bucks.

However, I do not want to to mislead any btbs planning for their wedding as when we spent the money over a long span of time, the true cost of the wedding is not being felt until we seriously added up every SINGLE LITTLE details. the wedding cost listed serves as guideline for you to choose what to include for your wedding etc = > meaning u can bring the cost of ur wedding even further down for excluding things that you feel that you can go without eg the coloured drinks, fondue+cupcakes etc

Wedding is truly a crazy expensive thing I really want to save upon when I was planning my wedding intially, but in the end after the wedding, like many of the brides in the forum and Xuan, I was glad I spent the necessary money on key things like the photographer and the venue as even up till now my friends, family and esp woodblock will still comment how lovely the wedding had been esp when we review the pics. We can't rem the taste of the food(challenge yourself to recall all the dishes that you ate at a banquet), but the colours and details in the wedding is what everyone brought home together with them.
I really love planning my wedding a lot especially with my sisters=)

From left onwards : Qi, me and Hong =) (I seriously LUV this photo the BEST out of the whole lot that melvin has taken from me becos rarely, we sisters, dressed up in DRESSES lol esp for Hong, can take a pic together)

and cant thank them enough for running even till late hours at night going down to purchase flowers from florist and doing micellaneous CRAZY DIYS with me burning way their romantic weekend dates. It is truly the experience that I will give anything for having so much fun again since our secondary school days doing project works.
That's a good reason why I can't wait to help out in the planning for Hong's Wedding too =) Another fun and laughter session awaits for us again =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My newest obsession - Platform Bed!

As i understand that for the cusotmary wedding, a new bed needs to be in place, so I was surfing around for ideas on beds especially for one with good storage designs. Sad to sad that as we settle into woodblock's room after the wedding so comfortably, little was said about the initial idea of having woodblock's room and my father-in-law's room switch so that we can have a much bigger room space for ourselves.

Sometimes I ponder why my father-in-law occupies one master bedroom while the rest of us squeeze in groups of 2 and 3 in the other respective rooms. But one good thing was that I was never into super duper big spacious rooms as I am one of those few pple who has phobia for ultra big space and I prefer a cosier, smaller room especially when I am sleeping. However, when yourbedroom is also ur working room => then the space is a little cramped up.
Now after much family gossips, let's get back to my research work. It's seems that platform beds are really much of my cup of tea:
1) We know that in Physics - the lower the C.G. is=> the more stable it is. giving me a plenty sense of security
2) Platform beds gives a sense of a laid back feeling which is good for me especially I am one of those who loves to do reading in bed. => you know when you read until u r sleepy, it is the craziest idea to walk from sofa to the bed so might as well just settle everything in one spot right
3) You will never be afraid of falling of the bed as you really won't have much have the chance to suffer much crazy injuries from that.
4) I hate many cupboards as it looks freaking crowded and somehow messy. I am definitely those who wish to have a pocket from doraemon to stuff my things in and let the room look as empty as possible.
Here's the dream bed of my top list now:
A platform bed from Systemind!

I really cant helped be impressed about the concept from Systemind! It allows you to store 101 things inside it and most importantly 5 yrs down the road if I really really need to shift to a new place etc, this is something which is really portable friendly. Plus we know that Princess Christine is never the kind who likes to sit still so the movable furnishing means a new way to let me explore and move the furnishing from tme to time to come out with new layout!

Of cos the colour that I really like very much -dark brown which fits the other furnishing in my room very well. Sigh sad thing is, it costs about 3 k (vry expensive! since it doesn't come with any mattress at all)
A while ago, I rang up woodblock:
Princess Christine: Hey lao gong can we buy a platform bed?
Woodblock : Ok
Princess Christine (in a happy tone): Then we go and check it out this friday?
Woodblock: Huh so soon, aren't we buying at the end of the yr?
Princess Christine: =( Cant we buy it this June? (it's freaking obvious the platform bed is for the wedding right => who will buy it after that?)
Woodblock: No, we buy after the wedding
Princess Christine (totally shut down after hearing such disdainful reply
Woodblock : Blah blah blhah (totally no idea what he is saying because I have shut down my ear system already)
And there princess christine ended with a fake sweet good bye even though she had no idea what woodblock was blabbering about for the last few minutes over the phone.
New lesson learnt by guys that your gf most likely never told you before:
A heart broken and disappointed woman is a DEAF woman.
The End










WAIT! Why should it be a THE END????

Now that i recall that when I was young, the first movie that I watch was "The Little Mermaid". I wanted it so badly that I cut out the news paper advert for that movie (the super duper small logo pic under movie listing) EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL until I have a damn thick stack of it and I showed it to my aunt WITHOUT FAIL EVERY SINGLE day. It got so bad that she she was tired of seeingthe stupid stack of news paper article and she finally relent and brought me to catch my FIRST movie ever.
Mabbe I should draw experience from such valuabe expericne and start drawing pics of platform bed everyday and stick on the wall until it is freaking full on the wall as SUBTLE hints for the little woodblock.
Ok for now I shall start with this first:

CAUTION: What you are seeing now is woodblock's beloved computer cos his eyeballs practically sticks to it whenever he gets home.
We know computer is one men's best friend, so why not use it to start a little propaganda for a start.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finishing of first wal panel

After a busy morning, I finally finish up with the wall panel . I guess picture tells a thousand words and I won't be continuing on this project until perhaps during the June holidays as I realise the painitng process, even though enjoyable, is pretty much physically straining due to lifting the arms high for hours.

A close up just on the wall panel. You might realise that the wall is actually behind the door when we open it. I really din wan to get into trouble with my mum in law in case she discovered that I have illegally use a pencil to draw on the wall one day before the painting project. Plus in any case where the painings did not work out, the damage work can be hidden temporarily by the open door lol.

Here's the second wal panel that wil need to be completed in June. As te flowers drawn will be diagonally upwards, I guess the no. of flowers drawn will be much lesser and hopefully less hectic then.
Ok time for lunchie with my beloved woodblock.

A to the Q

Many asked about the stickers that were being pasted on my bedroom. So here goes!

You're able to find it from the Ikea Singapore website as well!
Here's the link:

1. Clean and dry the wall (ensure it's not a newly painted wall! or else it won't stick at all!)
2. Use bluetacks to layout the stickers on the wall before pasting. (that's what we did)
3. Paste paste PASTE.
4. Tadah! You're done!

Price: $29
Time: 15mins
Atmosphere: Priceless

Another wall project

Recently, I have been real inspired by some of the beauty wall paintings found online.

This willow tree really blown me away with it's 3D construction with just a simple visual trick by drawing the tree up the ceiling! Almost wanted to try this out but I thought it might be pretty messy especially in a room. Plus I'm still a novice with wall painting so it's better not to do it totally freehand =) But I really really love the details and the feeling of the wind blowing by the room!

Next, chance upon another wall decal company call winkplay.
This is one of their work for a client. I was SO inspired by the peony print

that I,
try to reproduce the print on my wall too lol

Do ignore the stickers on top of the tv, I have yet time to take them down and replace it with more wall painting.

My sis-in-law, Ah Li joined in the fun too =)

But I din have time to finish up the first panel of the wall (notice how the right hand corner is empty) so I decide to leave it till tmr morning =) especially when I have a movie to catch later in some moments away.

Somehow I am very satisfied with my second trial with wall painting.
I will need to fill up the first wall by this weekend and the second wall next weekend so that the overall layout will resemble from the layout done by winkplay =)
Wonderful work again Princess Christine!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new bedsheets!

Now sometimes when couples are busy trying to buy a set of bedsheets for their customary wedding, some of them often forgotten about the most important thing - the back up spare bedsheets! Usually the nuptial bedsheets may be overly red and ops not comfortable and hence many often choose to change the bedsheets to another set straight after their honeymoon to have a more comfortable night.

So while passing by metro, woodblock and me saw this luxuriant purple silky bedsheets on sale! Yep can't help but bought it as our very first spare bed sheets =) Love the purple variant stripe details at the edge of the comforter. haah the cute bear bear pillow was given to me by by wonderful jie mei colleague . Very sweet of her and I found the pillow so cute that I place it on my bed.

The colour of the actual bedsheets is actualy of a darker colour too but same thing due to the camera limitations, everything appear of a brighter hue in the picture.

TADA now that I taken the pic of the wall drawing and it gives you a better idea of how it appears like. Think the emboidered flowers on the bedsheet really goes well with flower theme on the wall. The bed looks so luxurious and comfortable that even my sis-i-law sneak in during the noon time to sleep on the bed lol.

The cupboard and the bedframe was bought last year and cost me about 600 plus bucks. When I took the pic, I notice something colourful on top of the cupboard....

Then I remembered it was my bdae card to woodblock back in uni days! The card is an A3 size one!!! Represents how huge my love for woodblock is lol.... I remember that I wanted to surprise woodblock on his bdae and hid outside his flat and wanted to wait till late night and present the card to him. Too bad just after 15mins into waiting outside his house, I got scared especially during night time (well it is a known secret that I am afraid of dark) so the surprise was indeed a surprise for myself in not being able to wait till the precious hour =P
Still woodblock was very touch by the HUGE effort and he kept it as a display ever since =)

Wah if you look closer, you will realise there's even a maiden kiss for his cheeks =P
PS: Unknown to woodblock till today, this card was made very last minute on the day itself. Yep usually I do art work on impulse and without much of a warning even to myslef. But it is such impulse that allows me to complete art work very quickly too becos most likely after finishing, I won't be interested in it until much time later. That's a good reason why the texting looks messy cos I dun even bother to do a draft layout before any arty session - to me such sessions are meant as relaxation and de stress not to stress myself further =PPPP

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yay finally I have started to be more hardworking and uploading some of the super nice pics that Melvin Ho has taken for me into the photobucket. The pics can be now found on the side bar.

Happy Browsing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another June Mini Honeymoon

I'm so looking forward for another short get away to Batam in the coming June holidays! Here's some of the juicy details of the package!

One night accommodation at Harris Room ( Superior Room )
Free upgrade to Harris Cabana Room - subject to availability upon checking in
One buffet breakfast at Harris Cafe for 2 person
One White Dove Candle Light Dinner for 2 person
One Glass of Complimentary red or white wine or juice for 2 person
1.5hour Massage for 2 persons ~ choice of Indonesia/Sports/Shiatsu/Kinasih massage + 30 mins Harbal Bath ( Pls indicate preferred date & time )
Complimentary Healthy drink per person & Spa Souvenir per person
Honeymoon Chocolates Pralines & Welcome card in room
1 Surprise Harris Souvenir given upon check in
FREE 2 way shuttle to Nagoya town per stay basis-first come first served & fixed schedule
FREE 1 game of bowling per adult per stay basis ( 1 time only and excluding shoe/socks )
Two ways ferry ticket Singapore / Waterfront / Singapore
Two ways seaport tax
Two ways hotel transfer Pier / Resort / Pier
Welcome drink upon arrival
Live performance by La Rossa Quartet serenade your favorite Love Songs during dinner

I now looking forward to the romantic getaway with woodblock now.

Anyone needs some mandi lulup?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lace Doily?

Just when I am still very much obsess with the lace details of my 2 wedding heels, I surf upon a genius idea from Martha Steward on transforming lace doily into a gorgeous vintage invites!

Somehow, weeks ago, while I was shopping for grocery in NTUC, I did notice about the circular doilies being sold in 10s. There instead of pondering over it's use as an invite, I was was more inspired to colour it into black and then use it as a base for my centerpieces.

Sometimes I marvel as how the craft geniuses can go beyond something I can think of.

The only catch with this particular craft invite will be finding a lace doily which is squarish and notice how it turn out just nice that the butterflies details are at the edge of the doily to make this piece of aethetic work a punch =) I think I will be obsessed with doilies for quite some time until the JUNE holidays whereby I have time to go round to do my purchase for art materials.

Martha Steward have also created a series of wedding DIYS revolving lace:

Sweet cotton lace wrist corsage for the little ladies

Another one of my favourite! Lace Luminarias! Too bad the stencils doesn't come in black lace if not I can print it on those traslucent red papers =)

She actually though about the creation of hand clutches for the bridesmaids too. A very affordable handicraft with lots of love in it!! Simply well done!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A wonderful picnic under the night sky

This morning woodblock and me were almost out of the house when suddenly he realise that he forgot to tell me it was my mum-in-law s bdae. I was like ?!?!?! and thought that it was a good thing we have not left the house for City Square in Malaysia (as I have cravings for the buns over there) if not my head will be chopped off for not helping his mum to celeb her bdae.

A good thing was that her bdae coincides with the mother's day festival and there were many restaurants and cake shop offering nice yummy food just to pamper our mum. We took her out to dine at Dian Xiao Er and was pleased when we were given a free flower to present to mum=)

A beautiful memory of the nice flower being captured.

Of cos we also splurge on a double tier yam cake for MIL to tell her how much we love her too=)

Too bad Ah jie is in Taiwan on a tour now, if not the picture will be picture perfect. I could really feel that MIL was very happy to have woodblock treating her and Ah li and him to celeb with her with such a nice cake!

What's a birthday without a cake and a bdae song? I wonder what was the wish that MIL had on her mind.

After the cake, Woodblock and me slipped out to purchase a new comforter set from Metro before going off to Liang Court for some shopping.
BUT half way through woodblock, the old man, told me he is dying. So I treated him to some Vietnam Coffee to recharge the old man.

This is the traditional coffee making device used by the Vietnamese. I love the design as I thought it is a very nice instrument for drinking coffee. First it makes us wait for the coffee to be ready patiently and at the same time it provides the visual appeal of going to produce some thick and aromatic coffee. Like I say I am just a sucker for aesthetic, who cares whether if the coffee does taste good. It is the PSYCHOLOGY that matters for ME.

The popular coffee brand in Vietnam - Trung Nguyen. You can easily buy the instrument in Vietnam at about 2 -4 bucks(SING dollars of cos), depending on the quality. I almost bought one back to singapore from my mini honeymoon but woodblock told me not to waste money as he won't be using it =(

With itchy hands, it is hard for me not to peek into the mini coffee machine to see what is happening and to check whether if it is ready (ie when all the water seeps through the thick layer of coffee powder).

A close up

As the water is seeping away, woodblock and me decided to develop ourself into a more cultivated person. We started to ACT like some proffessional trying to appreciate the coffee beans provided with the coffee to admire at the coffee aroma.

I seldom have so much time to play with coffee beans but I love posing with them.

On the other hand, woodblock tries super duper hard to smell the beans.
Yesh so hard until I was disgusted as he looks like he is stuffing the beans up his nostrils.

It was uner some training from me the cultured princess, was he able to appreciate the coffee beans in the right way. I'm just a great trainer =)

But after princess Christine went back to appreciate her own beans before checking back on woodblock, princess Christine couldn't helped by giving out a BIG SIGH as it was apparent that woodblock needs another hundred years of training before he can reached her
high level of "classy-ness". I hope he is not into growing moles on his face=(
After the wonderfull tea time coffee break, we went down to the Japanese Supermarket at the basement to purchase some bento and fast food for our little picnic for dinner.
Finally, we reached our picnic spot at Fort Canning at 6:30pm before the show starts at 7:30pm. Sometimes it is difficult for pple to understand why woodblock is a woodblock. So here's a good example:
I told woodblock to pose for me to take down a memory of him at the picnic area and here's the nonsense within the next five seconds
SNAP No. 1: Woodblock go and adjust his specs.

SNAP No. 2: Woodblock go and touch his ears

SNAP No. 3: Woodblock go and drink his cup of soft drink

In short: HE just couldn't keep still to pose for the camera. BY the end of
the third snap, princess Christine almost feel like becoming a vegetarian
again to BITE him.
Why can't this woodblock keep stilll like a normal tree??? Is he a
mutant or what?

Here's the right example of posing for the camera. Sweet dainty smile and holding the most important essence of the picnic: THE FOOD! I think my influence on woodblock can never be NEGATIVE esp when you are talking about a SMART, witty, pretty and JUST SIMPLY WONDERFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL WIFE.
Yep there were so many people having their picnics around us at the same time. I love the crowd in some way as it was unusual to have so many pple to picnic at the same time in one location. Real interesting experience!
As requested by woodblock, here are some of the memories of his BELOVED food before it goes into his tummy. I SERIOUSLY think he should place more FOCUS to have his photos on me not the food (ROLL EYEZ). What is he thinking exactly??!?!?

Here's some snaps of how CLOSE we are to the stage!!! I always love to be in the "FRONTEST" (newly invented vocab by me again) row!!! Hate the distractions whenever I sit at the back.
Love the feeling of seeing our sandals side by side on the side of the picnic mat. Suddenly everything exudes a romantic air around us =)
Ok I'm still very haolian on how me the Capable wife manage to secure such a front row seat in front of the stage. So I decided to take more pics to show evidence of it... MUAHAHAHA
I name this picture "PIGGIN out".
Somehow the scene looks like a pig farm where a STUFF and WELL-FED PIG is going to be slaughter soon by the knife at the back to become some nice PICNIC HAM.
Well glad we were not at the back esp when I saw such a crazy crowd right behind us!
The tentage is where all the VIP ticket holders are sitting. It's a strange thing to pay 70 plus for a ticket and sit right at the back. Somehow it doesn't seem like any VIP seat to me at all. BUT I think MINE is the SPUER DUPER VIP seat though muahahahah =)

Woodblock was complaining he was hot but don't worry cos the smart wife bought along an electric fan for him! TOLD ya, the title "VIRTUOUS WIFE" was never just an empty name I called myself, it is a title with DEEP meaning to it.

The stage set-up
Finally at 7:25pm, the crew started to open up the doors to expose the details of the settings.
The show was really wonderful and woodblock and me had lots of laughter together.
During intermission =)
The stage looks even gorgeous at night with the orange tone lights. Very grand looking. Intersting to say how lighting alone can dictate the mood it brings out.
A happy woodblock and Princess Christine. Notice everytime when woodblock is happy, he will have dreamy look on his face =)
The play was exceptionally wonderful because woodblock and me found it to be really unique and special to be watching a play in such a casual and natural setting in the park with nice food etc and most importantly, the beautiful night sky just above our head. Glad we had spent the money for it despite it wasnt in those nice air con areas. The memories of having a picnic in the night is truly a wonderful romantic experience to bring home with us. Another interesting chapter added to our story.
At the end of the day, before we headed home hand in hand:
Woodblock: "Laopo thanks for bringing me to watch this play. I really love it."
Princess Christine: " Laogong thanks for companying me to watch this play. I really love it too"
It is not often that woodblock appreciates the nature such as the hot weather and the nature of catching a play in English (as he sometimes have problm hearing the words when there's a strong accent to it) but truly when he make such a statement, I understand clearly how much woodblock's heart was touched by the whole experience =) and it touches me too =)
PS: Do you know that woodblock loves to rent DVDs and not VCDS? He needs to watch an ENGLISH show in ENGLISH SUBTITLES =P
When we got home that night, woodblock asked me why there wasn't a subtitle for the play ?!?! I was of cos ........ speechless!!!