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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lace Doily?

Just when I am still very much obsess with the lace details of my 2 wedding heels, I surf upon a genius idea from Martha Steward on transforming lace doily into a gorgeous vintage invites!

Somehow, weeks ago, while I was shopping for grocery in NTUC, I did notice about the circular doilies being sold in 10s. There instead of pondering over it's use as an invite, I was was more inspired to colour it into black and then use it as a base for my centerpieces.

Sometimes I marvel as how the craft geniuses can go beyond something I can think of.

The only catch with this particular craft invite will be finding a lace doily which is squarish and notice how it turn out just nice that the butterflies details are at the edge of the doily to make this piece of aethetic work a punch =) I think I will be obsessed with doilies for quite some time until the JUNE holidays whereby I have time to go round to do my purchase for art materials.

Martha Steward have also created a series of wedding DIYS revolving lace:

Sweet cotton lace wrist corsage for the little ladies

Another one of my favourite! Lace Luminarias! Too bad the stencils doesn't come in black lace if not I can print it on those traslucent red papers =)

She actually though about the creation of hand clutches for the bridesmaids too. A very affordable handicraft with lots of love in it!! Simply well done!

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