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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A wonderful picnic under the night sky

This morning woodblock and me were almost out of the house when suddenly he realise that he forgot to tell me it was my mum-in-law s bdae. I was like ?!?!?! and thought that it was a good thing we have not left the house for City Square in Malaysia (as I have cravings for the buns over there) if not my head will be chopped off for not helping his mum to celeb her bdae.

A good thing was that her bdae coincides with the mother's day festival and there were many restaurants and cake shop offering nice yummy food just to pamper our mum. We took her out to dine at Dian Xiao Er and was pleased when we were given a free flower to present to mum=)

A beautiful memory of the nice flower being captured.

Of cos we also splurge on a double tier yam cake for MIL to tell her how much we love her too=)

Too bad Ah jie is in Taiwan on a tour now, if not the picture will be picture perfect. I could really feel that MIL was very happy to have woodblock treating her and Ah li and him to celeb with her with such a nice cake!

What's a birthday without a cake and a bdae song? I wonder what was the wish that MIL had on her mind.

After the cake, Woodblock and me slipped out to purchase a new comforter set from Metro before going off to Liang Court for some shopping.
BUT half way through woodblock, the old man, told me he is dying. So I treated him to some Vietnam Coffee to recharge the old man.

This is the traditional coffee making device used by the Vietnamese. I love the design as I thought it is a very nice instrument for drinking coffee. First it makes us wait for the coffee to be ready patiently and at the same time it provides the visual appeal of going to produce some thick and aromatic coffee. Like I say I am just a sucker for aesthetic, who cares whether if the coffee does taste good. It is the PSYCHOLOGY that matters for ME.

The popular coffee brand in Vietnam - Trung Nguyen. You can easily buy the instrument in Vietnam at about 2 -4 bucks(SING dollars of cos), depending on the quality. I almost bought one back to singapore from my mini honeymoon but woodblock told me not to waste money as he won't be using it =(

With itchy hands, it is hard for me not to peek into the mini coffee machine to see what is happening and to check whether if it is ready (ie when all the water seeps through the thick layer of coffee powder).

A close up

As the water is seeping away, woodblock and me decided to develop ourself into a more cultivated person. We started to ACT like some proffessional trying to appreciate the coffee beans provided with the coffee to admire at the coffee aroma.

I seldom have so much time to play with coffee beans but I love posing with them.

On the other hand, woodblock tries super duper hard to smell the beans.
Yesh so hard until I was disgusted as he looks like he is stuffing the beans up his nostrils.

It was uner some training from me the cultured princess, was he able to appreciate the coffee beans in the right way. I'm just a great trainer =)

But after princess Christine went back to appreciate her own beans before checking back on woodblock, princess Christine couldn't helped by giving out a BIG SIGH as it was apparent that woodblock needs another hundred years of training before he can reached her
high level of "classy-ness". I hope he is not into growing moles on his face=(
After the wonderfull tea time coffee break, we went down to the Japanese Supermarket at the basement to purchase some bento and fast food for our little picnic for dinner.
Finally, we reached our picnic spot at Fort Canning at 6:30pm before the show starts at 7:30pm. Sometimes it is difficult for pple to understand why woodblock is a woodblock. So here's a good example:
I told woodblock to pose for me to take down a memory of him at the picnic area and here's the nonsense within the next five seconds
SNAP No. 1: Woodblock go and adjust his specs.

SNAP No. 2: Woodblock go and touch his ears

SNAP No. 3: Woodblock go and drink his cup of soft drink

In short: HE just couldn't keep still to pose for the camera. BY the end of
the third snap, princess Christine almost feel like becoming a vegetarian
again to BITE him.
Why can't this woodblock keep stilll like a normal tree??? Is he a
mutant or what?

Here's the right example of posing for the camera. Sweet dainty smile and holding the most important essence of the picnic: THE FOOD! I think my influence on woodblock can never be NEGATIVE esp when you are talking about a SMART, witty, pretty and JUST SIMPLY WONDERFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL WIFE.
Yep there were so many people having their picnics around us at the same time. I love the crowd in some way as it was unusual to have so many pple to picnic at the same time in one location. Real interesting experience!
As requested by woodblock, here are some of the memories of his BELOVED food before it goes into his tummy. I SERIOUSLY think he should place more FOCUS to have his photos on me not the food (ROLL EYEZ). What is he thinking exactly??!?!?

Here's some snaps of how CLOSE we are to the stage!!! I always love to be in the "FRONTEST" (newly invented vocab by me again) row!!! Hate the distractions whenever I sit at the back.
Love the feeling of seeing our sandals side by side on the side of the picnic mat. Suddenly everything exudes a romantic air around us =)
Ok I'm still very haolian on how me the Capable wife manage to secure such a front row seat in front of the stage. So I decided to take more pics to show evidence of it... MUAHAHAHA
I name this picture "PIGGIN out".
Somehow the scene looks like a pig farm where a STUFF and WELL-FED PIG is going to be slaughter soon by the knife at the back to become some nice PICNIC HAM.
Well glad we were not at the back esp when I saw such a crazy crowd right behind us!
The tentage is where all the VIP ticket holders are sitting. It's a strange thing to pay 70 plus for a ticket and sit right at the back. Somehow it doesn't seem like any VIP seat to me at all. BUT I think MINE is the SPUER DUPER VIP seat though muahahahah =)

Woodblock was complaining he was hot but don't worry cos the smart wife bought along an electric fan for him! TOLD ya, the title "VIRTUOUS WIFE" was never just an empty name I called myself, it is a title with DEEP meaning to it.

The stage set-up
Finally at 7:25pm, the crew started to open up the doors to expose the details of the settings.
The show was really wonderful and woodblock and me had lots of laughter together.
During intermission =)
The stage looks even gorgeous at night with the orange tone lights. Very grand looking. Intersting to say how lighting alone can dictate the mood it brings out.
A happy woodblock and Princess Christine. Notice everytime when woodblock is happy, he will have dreamy look on his face =)
The play was exceptionally wonderful because woodblock and me found it to be really unique and special to be watching a play in such a casual and natural setting in the park with nice food etc and most importantly, the beautiful night sky just above our head. Glad we had spent the money for it despite it wasnt in those nice air con areas. The memories of having a picnic in the night is truly a wonderful romantic experience to bring home with us. Another interesting chapter added to our story.
At the end of the day, before we headed home hand in hand:
Woodblock: "Laopo thanks for bringing me to watch this play. I really love it."
Princess Christine: " Laogong thanks for companying me to watch this play. I really love it too"
It is not often that woodblock appreciates the nature such as the hot weather and the nature of catching a play in English (as he sometimes have problm hearing the words when there's a strong accent to it) but truly when he make such a statement, I understand clearly how much woodblock's heart was touched by the whole experience =) and it touches me too =)
PS: Do you know that woodblock loves to rent DVDs and not VCDS? He needs to watch an ENGLISH show in ENGLISH SUBTITLES =P
When we got home that night, woodblock asked me why there wasn't a subtitle for the play ?!?! I was of cos ........ speechless!!!

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