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Saturday, May 23, 2009

EXPOSE- My Rom Wedding Expenditure

Now I know many btbs out there are wondering a great deal on how much did I spent exactly on my ROM so I thought I can give them an overall detailed view of the expediture:

I invited about 50 plus guests in total but Mandai Orchid Garden was kind enough to charge me at 50 pax flat which I am so thankful to them.
Tea reception (which the portion is almost like a lunch reception)
43 bucks per pax ++
= $2515.50

Decor = approx $500 (which includes the cloth for lining the raillings, faux flower pomanders to decorthe raillings, flower pomander at the center, test tube flowers with faux flowers, fresh flowers + petals for decor for both the hut + dining area stand+ flower bouquet +other micellaneous+wedding cards+wedding chocs+coasters in mini favour pots etc i think+pink egyptian cloth to line the 4 long tables )

DIY decors = 50 bucks (DIY ring crystal crown on the pillow, the msg boards, feather pens plus pen base, DIY ang paos, confetti cones, wine box , heart shape lock, letters and envelopes)

Secret additional cost to add the strong splash of PINKish colour =120+30.4 bucks=150.4 (Pink Choc Fondue + Pink cupcakes + 8 bottles of fruit punch=> in the end I still have 2 to 3 bottles left)

Woodblock's Clothes = i think about 200 bucks (cos i don't rem the cost at all actually)

My made to measure ROM dress = FOC from the 3388 package from bridal shop so let's count it as 500 bucks then

Wedding Bands = let's run it up to 850 bucks

Wedding heels = let's run it up to $30 bucks

ROM PG = $588

Super Grand Total: $5383.90 (for every single MINUTE details as many pple often left out costing like the rings, pens etc)

It may sound freaking expensive as a whole but i really want to have a true dream garden wedding which is like the bulk of the cost(as in the venue). But in order for that to happen, the decors have to be so deeply heavily DIY until even though on the pics it may appear as though that the decors is going to cost me at least 1.5 k(it's average market price if you consider how much flowers and the no of decors in the list have been use for the venue) but in actual fact it costs me 550 bucks.

However, I do not want to to mislead any btbs planning for their wedding as when we spent the money over a long span of time, the true cost of the wedding is not being felt until we seriously added up every SINGLE LITTLE details. the wedding cost listed serves as guideline for you to choose what to include for your wedding etc = > meaning u can bring the cost of ur wedding even further down for excluding things that you feel that you can go without eg the coloured drinks, fondue+cupcakes etc

Wedding is truly a crazy expensive thing I really want to save upon when I was planning my wedding intially, but in the end after the wedding, like many of the brides in the forum and Xuan, I was glad I spent the necessary money on key things like the photographer and the venue as even up till now my friends, family and esp woodblock will still comment how lovely the wedding had been esp when we review the pics. We can't rem the taste of the food(challenge yourself to recall all the dishes that you ate at a banquet), but the colours and details in the wedding is what everyone brought home together with them.
I really love planning my wedding a lot especially with my sisters=)

From left onwards : Qi, me and Hong =) (I seriously LUV this photo the BEST out of the whole lot that melvin has taken from me becos rarely, we sisters, dressed up in DRESSES lol esp for Hong, can take a pic together)

and cant thank them enough for running even till late hours at night going down to purchase flowers from florist and doing micellaneous CRAZY DIYS with me burning way their romantic weekend dates. It is truly the experience that I will give anything for having so much fun again since our secondary school days doing project works.
That's a good reason why I can't wait to help out in the planning for Hong's Wedding too =) Another fun and laughter session awaits for us again =)

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