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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new bedsheets!

Now sometimes when couples are busy trying to buy a set of bedsheets for their customary wedding, some of them often forgotten about the most important thing - the back up spare bedsheets! Usually the nuptial bedsheets may be overly red and ops not comfortable and hence many often choose to change the bedsheets to another set straight after their honeymoon to have a more comfortable night.

So while passing by metro, woodblock and me saw this luxuriant purple silky bedsheets on sale! Yep can't help but bought it as our very first spare bed sheets =) Love the purple variant stripe details at the edge of the comforter. haah the cute bear bear pillow was given to me by by wonderful jie mei colleague . Very sweet of her and I found the pillow so cute that I place it on my bed.

The colour of the actual bedsheets is actualy of a darker colour too but same thing due to the camera limitations, everything appear of a brighter hue in the picture.

TADA now that I taken the pic of the wall drawing and it gives you a better idea of how it appears like. Think the emboidered flowers on the bedsheet really goes well with flower theme on the wall. The bed looks so luxurious and comfortable that even my sis-i-law sneak in during the noon time to sleep on the bed lol.

The cupboard and the bedframe was bought last year and cost me about 600 plus bucks. When I took the pic, I notice something colourful on top of the cupboard....

Then I remembered it was my bdae card to woodblock back in uni days! The card is an A3 size one!!! Represents how huge my love for woodblock is lol.... I remember that I wanted to surprise woodblock on his bdae and hid outside his flat and wanted to wait till late night and present the card to him. Too bad just after 15mins into waiting outside his house, I got scared especially during night time (well it is a known secret that I am afraid of dark) so the surprise was indeed a surprise for myself in not being able to wait till the precious hour =P
Still woodblock was very touch by the HUGE effort and he kept it as a display ever since =)

Wah if you look closer, you will realise there's even a maiden kiss for his cheeks =P
PS: Unknown to woodblock till today, this card was made very last minute on the day itself. Yep usually I do art work on impulse and without much of a warning even to myslef. But it is such impulse that allows me to complete art work very quickly too becos most likely after finishing, I won't be interested in it until much time later. That's a good reason why the texting looks messy cos I dun even bother to do a draft layout before any arty session - to me such sessions are meant as relaxation and de stress not to stress myself further =PPPP

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