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Friday, May 1, 2009

First Fitting with Jenny

And so, M and I went for the first fitting to find out how the progress of the gowns were coming along.

Jenny had the basic pieces of the top and the long dress and pants ready, just to try on if the measurements were alright. All were pretty good except that I think the weight gain over the past few weekends was beginning to show. HAH. good thing is that, jenny can always make things looser.

Yes Christine, here are the peektures, sorry about the quality, taken with a hp. Jenny will ensure that the lace trimmings will be scalloped before the next fitting and the appropriate areas will be padded. ;P Additional detailing with belt/sash/bling/beading/crystals etc.
I'm not that worried about all these as I feel that Jenny has a certain flair in all these and M and I are ok to leave the detailings to her. She suggested that we have a small can-can underneath the chiffon and satin dress, to give it a more A line feel. And the length of the dress will be tailored when I bring the shoes along next time.

Then I changed into the pants, which sadly told the truth about my weight gain. I shall not post unsightly pictures here, so here's the not so bad ones.

I still think I look better in pants. *exclaims in a bimbotic tone. HAH!

That is not my tail, just the end of the zipper okay.
And there's Jenny, my lovely tailorette who is blurry cos she is worried about getting into the peektures. so she kept siaming. hahahah so cute.
I love the feel of the pants cos it has a satin underlay with a light chiffon overlay. and Jenny made a inner lining for me so that its really comfortable to wear. And Most importantly, I get to keep the pants!
She thinks that the cut is slightly curved in at the hips and thighs and will try to straighten that out.
To tell you the truth, I didnt even notice it. Its great when your designer and tailor is so particular about their work. Hahah, it makes it so easy for us.

She hasn't started on the short dress so she just suggested some other accessories that she'll be making for me to mix and match for another look that day. The colour for the short dress is dusty blue. So here's what she put together.

M obviously doesn't know how to catch the moment.

I don't usually fancy big feathers/dramatic/standing things on my shoulders or really any other part of my body. But I think I'll be having quite a bit of fun tickling pple's noses with that bunch of swirly wirly nettings - Reason for the sniggering photo.


Oh well, I don't know. Jenny's gg to make more stuff for me to choose during the next fitting.
So second fitting will be the one with the trial makeup, shoes and everything all settled.
And its set in June~

and here's Hong signing off, returning the microphone back to the studio to Princess Christine.

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