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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheong Sum Gems on online Stores!

Just when I was feeling kinda despair over the crazy prices offered by the various dress boutiques for cheong sum which falls between 100 plus to 300 plus as compared tomy budget of 60-80 bucks for each dress of my jiemeis, I came upon this gorgeous cheong sums found on some online shop which fits nicely into my budget! So far I have excitedly sent out the invite to the jie meis and of cos the url links of the online store to asked them browse through it.

I cant help but share this excitement with all btbs who are also having headaches with sourcing for bridesmaid's dresses =)

Isn't the peonies a killer beauty on the white background?

How about the gorgeous contrast between the red peonies on the modern black cheong sums?

Or a classy peacock to bring out the elegance of your feminine?

Or a lively summer blossoms to send a signal of how bubbly your personality are?

Or finally another classic piece to tell another story of 'The Mood For Love' ?

The one which I most prolly LOVE the BEST will be this green cheong SUM!!! Can't tell you how much I dore the green as I feel that it resembles the colour of jid making this piece the most vintage one of all. I almost wanted to buy it out of impulsiveness if my saint mind keep telling me that I should be spending the bucks on the jie mei's dresses and not another silly indulgence of mine.

Look at the details of the button, almost look like a translucent pearl .. oh dear it is seducing me in everyway... urghhhhhhh

For now I will be super thrilled if any of my jie meis choose the dress lol perhaps... after buying for them for the wedding banquet .... i can borrow from time to time to satisfy the vanity of mine to put on at least once or twice with this classic cheong sum!

Did I mentioned that Hong went for a gown fitting on Monday... ahem ... where are the pictures ar ????? An eager jiemei is waiting to see the gorgeous pics you know?!? so don't kill my CURIOSity can?

FINALLY, Congrats to my cousin Calvin and his wife, Siew Ni, who have just gave birth to their 2nd baby just a few moments ago!

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