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Monday, April 6, 2009

co-writer's first boring post

Hwah. No wonder you're my jiemei. We have the exact same concepts. teehee. i hope adding qi and me as co-writers wont hurt the blog viewership too much.

So to the followers of Princess Cutesy Christine, don't worry me and qi wont be writing the bulk of the crap. Seriously, even with 2 brains of me and qi, I dont think we are able to generate the same amount of crap as Christine. CHRISTINE = freeflow of crap. =D
no lah, i still love u babe. hahhahah

Anyway, just for the information of your readers. Yes, there is definitely so much more room to getting what you want in a gown to go for MTM, 3-in-1s but do keep in mind, you may actually end up spending more as most bridal shops do package the photoshoot in together, allowing you to actually get your gowns AND photoshoot done at a lower price together. Of course, they will also push you to get more prints and then you end up spending more altogether. =_=

Of course I didnt start off with getting a 3in1 gown in mind. It was a total coincidence and pure stroke of luck. But everyone, please keep in mind that you're the ones spending the money, no matter how budget, you must still feel happy spending it.

So, what me and my htb planned.
We started off thinking of the concepts that we want in the photoshoot first.
Then we went around on wedding shows to look at the styles of the photographers of various bridal studios, semi-pro free-lancing photographers, professional photography companies etc.
It was easy to decide cos we know who we wanted the moment we saw his works.
Then we looked up the package he offers.
As it is a pure photographic company, no gowns are provided.
So initially I thought of renting those cheap gowns that can be found in warehouses in spore. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we didn't manage the appointment.
We then chanced upon this lady who just do tailoring of gowns one day while having dinner outside. She observed us during our meeting, asked me about my requirements and told me that she'll submit 2 proposals for me to have a look in 5 days time.
And what do you know, she had the exact same concept. She showed me Jaime's gowns.
And tadaa, we just decided on 1 of her proposals which pretty much matched what I had in mind.
So we've got the best of both worlds. Lovely gowns and a photographer that we both like = happy htb and wtb.

In the end, even though the photographer's package and the gowns work up to an amount that is higher than normal bridal packages, both of us are extremely happy because our photographer will be giving us all digital copies of the shots, meaning no hidden costs. =)

Its a wordy post, so i hope you're all still awake now.
OIE qi, write something leh.
*elbows meiqi

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