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Friday, April 17, 2009

Postcards for Guests Books


Recently Hong has made a very interesting suggestion as an alternative to my guestbook! I'm so happy that amongst hr busy preparation for her wedding she still have time to remeber to help me look around for interesting ideas for my banquet wedding.

Just by looking at the pictures of the postcards from 1930s Shanghai which she sent me is enough to make me drool. (yeah told ya I'm a sucker for aesthetic art works)

Here's a view of the postcards which is selling on this online store:

Picture Source:

Well the pics are shoing posters of Shanghai Calendar Girls in the 1930s and it is hard no to marvel at how pretty they look! I was really surprise about how 'open-minded' the society was back then because some of the Calendar was a little on the wild side at such an era.

Never mind, but this is going to be preview of my mini postcards which I'm getting AH li's help again for another round as i prefer smaller size postcards for my guests to write their wishes on as :
1) It will be easier for me to keep
2) Hong propose a postbox for the guests to post their wishing to me at the banquet hall, so I do not need to make a humongous one

So I guess it will be another round of exciting DIYs soon =)

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