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Sunday, April 12, 2009

An interesting time at the New Tampines Mall

What is woodblock looking at?
What is princess Christine looking at?

Eh What are we looking at exactly?!?

With our hands clasped tightly together, needless to say that the nervousness we had at that particular moment was beyond words.....

TADA, ooo... it was very first experience at fish spa lol. We accidentally chance upon it while shopping and I challenge woodblock to give it a try.
Hey it might look relaxing etc etc I can't tell you how itchy and traumatising it was for woodblock and me initially. Definitely wasn't easy for me to stop moving my feets around whenever I cant tolerate the itch anymore. After some time when you get accustom to it, it feels more like random electric pulses on your legs.
The only problem that I have to overcome was not to look at the fishes too intently. Well it IS DEFINITELY ok for little fishes to come and bite your legs... BUT BUT BUT if you are talking about fat big ones, oh boy, the first reaction I have was to siam(avoid) the fish because somehow it looks like it was hungrier than the rest due to its bigger size. Most importantly it looks like as though it has humongous appetite which makes me feel like I am being savour by a PIRANA instead.

The scardy cat couple who is dying from ultimate itch and fear of PIRANAS look a like fat fishes.

Woodblock complain that the fishes like to bite his toes' dead skin and nails. Hmm looks like the fishes have a FETISH for TOES.... ewwwww

Wanted to try capturing the image of the fishes but the reflection is getting in the way =(

End of the day woodblock and princess christine manage to survive the 30 mins traumatic first time experience and encounter with Ticklish KILLER PIRANAs!?! (aka fish spa)
ANoTher Score of VI-C-tOR-y for the ADVENTUROUS couple!!!

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