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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exciting plans for my MTM EG

As I mentioned, I be doing MTM for my EG only as I have already one OTR vintag lace WG that I like at Bliss Bridal.

Initially the design for my MTM EG is suppose to be some mermaid gown with a sexy low back tied up with strings. There was suppose to be some sort of dramatic fuchsia pink ribbon at the bottom too!

However, lastnight when I was flipping through my researches, I realise I found the look that really was beyond words! A fusion design between cheong sum and the dreamy cute ball like ruffles which happens to be similar to my rom dress as it is short in front and long at the back. The whole look is very sexy and yet eludes liveliness. Too bad that I as in a hurry and I gave the magazine page to Kindsley and hadn't had time to take a pic for posting but dat will add some sense of mystery to all my friends and btb readers as up till now only woodblock have seen the design =)

I can't rem which bridal shop does the dress belongs to but I suspect it might from from aisle bridal as the skirting ruffles resembles their trademark wedding gown as shown below:
The skirting in front is short to expose the legs and extend to a full length at the back. !The top is also change to a nice cheong sum style collar =) The basic colour will be in black and similarly I think Kingsley will modify the gown with additions of fuchsia pink too.I'm so elated now! Cant wait for the next gown fitting during end of may where I will be sitting down to talk to the photgrapher on the planning of the photoshoots.

Now finally, below is just an add on post to another dress at zstyle: couldn't help to go back and browse and try out more=) Uh why are of of them so nice?!? But the sale is a good news for bridesmaid dress though =)

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