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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Woo CO-Authors?

I was chatting with Hong and Qi about the terrors of the stupid pop up ads for my blog and I realise that the pop up ads came along with the functions that I have added into the wedding blog eg the "How to calculate our food calories", "some make up lucky draw" etc.

So in the end I went to remove all of them and but somehow it still doesnt work so the last one which I suspect most will be the counters =( sigh. Maybe I will get it change during the holidays then.
VOILA! muahhaahah I discover the amazing function call co-authorship in blogspot (how come nobody tells me there is such thing one) and the first thing that i was did was to invite qi and hong as co-author! I already mention that this is a blog to share wedding ideas and preparation experience as btb so why not get another btb to co-author this blog and let hong share her plannings here.

So meaning now I can save lots of trouble to know what to help her with the planning of the wedding without always pestering and asking her=) As for qi, she will be writing in bits and pieces as a friend since she is planning our wedding too! Yay meaning now btbs and I can optimise the blog with something more to read (well usually I write and not read so makes it kind of blend for myself i guess as a btb). So now I can get surprises from time to time when I log into the blog. However, I have only invited Hong and Qi so not very sue they are buying my idea of penning down the plannings on my wedding blog.

If Hong does, we are in for a big treat because she is equally or even sometimes better then me in terms of creative juices and thus that's what makes us a great team together lol.
I cant wait to see SURPRISE posts!

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