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Friday, April 3, 2009

I want to become a Bridesmaid too!

Here's a short post before I'm going out to research my Si Dian Jin and meeting my sister friends in the evening for chilling out =)Anyway yesterday was a great gown fitting session at Bliss Bridal with the warm service from Jenny and Kingsley. Sometimes I feel that they are really a gem(in fact the pillars!) at the bridal shop because they are very flexible so as to ensure that we are getting married in a happy mood. In fact when I told Kingsley about the outdoor venues that I have chosen, he was very quick with giving me appropriate advices/suggestions even before I have the chance to request/suggest them (meaning great minds think alike). Even when I express that woodblock and me are not into the traditional costume like jap, victorian etc, Jenny and him was able to let us change to other gowns instead so that I get to enjoy having more changes of gown and it is really shiok to think that I'm getting such a great deal from a Bridal Shop with great customer service but at no hidden extra costs. I have yet to meet the photographer, but I'm hoping he will be able to deliver what I want to because I have pretty high expectations with regards to photos. Anyway let me not get too engross with the service of my Bridal shop until I have my pre-wedding photography first to make my final fair judgement so that future brides can use it as a reference.

Oh yah here's the reason why I'm in a hurry to blog this entry. While Qi and I passes by Z Style at City Link yesterday after my gown fitting, we discovered that the dresss were all on SALE!!!

Wah SALE is the most beautiful word in a woman's eye and it is even more SPARKLING when it is REAL GENUINE SALE!!!! Now I hate/strongly dislike boutiques or shops if they put the word sale which they don't mean it and stripped off the meaning to the word SALE (rendering it totally meaningless - cruelty) So it is wise to always go window shopping and check out prices so you will not cheated out of your feelings (don't you know that when woman buy things we buy it with our heart and soul? - yes we are THAT emotional creatures but that is the thing that make woman beautiful and unique!!!) =)

Anyway in the end, even though qi and me wanted to keep ou shopping short, we ended up spending over an hour in the shop becaus the dresses were:
1) PRetty good quality
2) Unique and nice designs - which u can wear to parties and dinners
3) @ only $28/dress which is a big cut from theusual 70 plus 80 plus price

SO the first thing I exclaim to Qi was :
"Yay let's get the bridemaid dress for Duck's wedding first!"
Qi: "Eh how do you know she wants us to be dress in what colour."
Me: "Never mind , we get first. If does't she want white, then for your wedding you just make it white so I can wear"
Qi: " ..... (speechless)"

Actually all I want is to buy the dress lol! Anyway here's are the sneak peeks of the 2 dresses I bought. Did I mentioned, I'm quite into tulip and mermaid dresses these days as I feel that they are very classy!

Bridemaid Dress candidate 1:
Simple cut Yet with great details like the lace as the waist. I feel happy to wear this as a bridemaid! => feeling pretty and yet not too eye catching =)

Bridemaid Dress candidate 2:
How about the dinner affair. Similar cut to dress 1 but it is suitable for evening dinner wear and even parties! In fact, it has skirt plaids as detail at the back but I din have time to take a photo of the back of the dress.

Don't you feel like dying to become a bridemaid now? Well at least I do just towear these pretty dresses =)

PS: the sales is base on the availability of the dresses - which is running low at a fast speed because so many woman like me are drooling and crowding in the shop. So if you want to get these dresses for your jie meis, I suggest you do so quickly. Saves lots of money(a usualy bridemaid dress can cost 50-80 bucks or even more) and yet it is truly very pretty. Plus you can have the same colour but at different designs so that all your jie meis will feel unique too.

Ok times running out bye!

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