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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Outing

Even though I'm now sick AGAIN =( at home. I must say I do enjoy family outing during Sat. So guess what were we doing?

What's up with all these umbrellas?

Were we singing in the RAIN? Nah that's so easy, we are doing something far MORE CHALLENGING!

TADA! Yeshh we were actually bbqing in the rain =P it's defitnitely not an easy feat because for the whole columns of pple who were suppose to be bbqing at the same time as us, all ran back into their chalets. The funniest thing was, all of them peep out from their chalet to see the GARANG family doing their bbqing.

On second thoughts, it is good to realise that everyone has a part in the bbqing all of a sudden with maximum 100% family participation. Cos either your hand is on the grill flipping the food, if not it should be use for holding an umbrella. Great that we have tall Ah boi(Ah jie's bf) to help us with it.
Some genius might then ponder how about the princess christine, why is she so damn free? Well the reason is simple, because by the time I took this pic, the rain has more or less become more subtle(I am not a lazy daugther in law ok). If not initially I was part of the raining bbq crew holding 2 huge pieces of aluminium foil above the grueling bbq flame to prevent rain water drips on the food!

Stylo Ah li who stil manages to pose despite all the rain and smoke.
There were times when the rain stop momentarily, so we quickly let our tiring arms comes a rest from holding the umbrella.
The Hands on team!
Did I mentioned that *AHEM* I was the one who did the marination of the yummy chicken chops and chicken wings?
(BIG Smug look all over
Christine's face)
The tong team! Just a note hre, I realise woodblock likes to play with food. He is poking the food SO MUCH with the satay stick I felt apologetic to the bbq food. First of all, they had not owe woodblock any money and secondly it is painful enough over the hot grill. Sigh even in their last moments, their body has been toyed with some dumb satay stick.
The Fanner! With Ah lis other free hand hannging like this, she looks practically like a match maker (mei po). Are the satays getting wed?

What's a bbq without the pic of the sumptious spread?!? Notice we have salmon sticks too!
Finally we hid back into the chalet to escape from the rain and enjoy our food spread.
OPs did I mention that only this late noon, woodblock realise the mustard has expired ?
OPs did I mention that I marinated the chicken chops with MUSTARD too?
Whisper: Damn, is that a good reason why I am sick? Don't tell them about this secret though. But now we know that expired MUSTARD doesn't kill. But STILL it is still wiser not to tell them about it. I STILL need to maintain my virtuous wife/daughter in law/sister in law reputation.

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