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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Secret stash for pre-wedding shoot

Now for pre-wedding photoshoot, other than squeezing the brain power from gowns to venus of the photoshoot, the job doesn't stop here.

In fact, it is advisable to prep PROPS for the wedding shoot. YEP PROPS! Well even though we are definitely not in mediacorp drama serial studio, you find that the details in a photo is are equally as important in telling the story to the picture!

let me give you a list of the examples of the ideas for props:

For the couple
1) Wedding bands
2) Flower bouquet (not compulsory)
3) Bunch of balloons
4) Musical Instruments
5) Veil (for those kissing pics under veil)
6) Rose or flower petals
For her
1) Jewelleries (eg bracelet, rings, bangles, necklace, earrings etc)
2) Fan
3) Fur Shrug
4) Umbrella (either those lace or white translucent kind)
5) Long silk/lace gloves
For him
1) Variety change of neckties etc
2) Fanciful Shirt for change
3) Hat
4) Ring/Bracelet
5) Six packs (lol but that needs lots of time though andI am definitely not talking about six packs of beer.... rollz eyez)
TADA over the last weekend while shopping at the new Tampines Mall, I secretly bought a ring as part of the accessories stash for the pre-wedding shoot.

When Ah li saw the ring the first thing she exclaims was : 'It's so you.'

I just simple love huge, chunky and bling stuff =)

Well I am definitely gonna use this for the shoot at Asian Lunar Fusion Bar as I prefer a dramatic look for the pre wedding shoot. Can't wait for the second gown fitting!

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