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Friday, April 24, 2009

wedding bands

Shopping for your wedding bands can be fun, yet mind-boggling.
M and I went searching around in the shopping centre in the neighbourhood after dinner one day and we walked into LeeHwa first.
Both of us rarely wear any accessories, so we didn't really have anything in mind. We both know that we will know once we see that ring. That one that will call out to us. heh.
The lady at Lee Hwa said,
"Most couples, will walk into LeeHwa, then to Goldheart, and then take a walk around to all the shops around and end up getting the bands from either LeeHwa or Goldheart."

To which, M and I are highly skeptical of. We saw nothing in Lee Hwa that really caught our eye, so we decided to walk into Goldheart, thinking that there's no way we're going to like something there since LH and GH are sister companies.

But what do you know, we saw immediately the pair that stood out from the rest. It was a simple 18k white gold pair. Set with a diamond for the lady ring. The finish was that of brushed aluminium, it was rugged, set simple. It was different, and most importantly, it looked good on M's finger.

Refusing to believe what she said, we went around a couple more stores but couldn't find anything more.

On another occassion, M dragged me to take a look around at Bishan. This time we walked into LeeHwa again, thinking that if we don;t see anything else better, we'll get the pair from Goldheart. Instead, we saw one from the JR's collection, with a slightly matt finish, thick bands, and 2 tiny diamonds on both lady and guy's ring. Now this is a ring with a meaning, it looked pretty gd, and the 2 diamonds stood for me and you, according to M. and of course, he was extremely happy cos he could have diamonds for a change, I'm good for it cos our bands will look identical, contrary to the previous one from GH.

I was abit reluctant to buy it on the spot, since we were able to spot something better just on the second trip. So after that, I did some surfing and found this.

I'm totally bowled over with this. But its something that is different, totally meaningful, and i think it looks rather good.

But i think the price of this will definitely be something out of our league. Then again, I'm a poor employee,(HAH!) everything to me is expensive.

Another day while we were in ViVo, we chanced upon a TianPo outlet, which reminded me a design that I saw long time ago, that I've been wanting to show M. I pulled him in and after much trying on, discussing over a meal, going back to LH to try on the original one that we wanted to get.

Over dinner, M decided and announced with knotted eyebrows and a firm voice.

"I think the decision is obvious. We're getting the LH one. Firstly, its resizable (he thinks i'll balloon 20kg after marriage. he also thinks he'll balloon 40kg after marriage.) Secondly, it boasts of a comfort fit. Thirdly, the price is cheaper.

I gave him a raised eyebrow look and laughed.
"Yea, I'm ok. I can't really decide between the 2."

He then said that we'll go back to Tianpo to try it on one last time to reassure us that our choice is right.

After trying the bands on at Tianpo.
After being dazzled by the diamond on the ring.

He announced.
"I think the choice is obvious. We're getting this."

I just burst out laughing on the spot.
So much for discussing our options.

And yep, it has been decided.

This is the pair.

Firstly, it is not resizeable.
Secondly, it does not have a comfort fit. But its ok, its quite comfortable too.
Thirdly, it is slightly more expensive than the other option. Not a very big jump in the figures.

But the meaning behind the rings beats everything.

SOULMATE® Diamonds share a connection as unique as yours.
SOULMATE® is the story of a pair of diamonds with a unique relationship. Every pair of SOULMATE® diamonds is born from one natural rough diamond formed deep in the Earth, billions of years ago. Only a very rare rough diamond meets the standards established as acceptable for SOULMATE® diamonds. SOULMATE® diamonds share an eternal connection, and are the perfect symbol of a relationship between two people who are soul mates. When set into jewelry, SOULMATE® diamonds are a beautiful expression of the bond that exists between sisters, best friends, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives or to celebrate the joyous occasion of the birth of a child.

And most of all, both of us like it. =)

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