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Monday, September 29, 2008

New wedding planners - from MOG and my best friend

Havent been updating the blog especially since my granny's fall weeks ago. Everything was in a frenzy for me and it is a difficult time which I have slowly learn to cope with. I am very grateful for all the support that was there for me : colleagues, friends and wood block which really mean so much to me.

In fact, Hong had even kindly takeover the task of being the wedding coordinator to help me plan out the details from decor to programme. While qi helps me take care of the music to the coordination for that day. In fact, I have been so lost touch with doing anything for my wedding for these few weeks and of cos I have not much mood to do so. Now I push myself to do little bits of research and planning because I do not want to rely too much on Hong and Qi either and ending up stressing them. I was also almost disapointed when Xuan told me that she had something on on the day of solomenisation, but I'm so relief when she told me she has make arrangments to be present during the solemnisation process =)

Another great relief was that I have a new mog wedding coordinator, Christina! She really make a great diff to the whle wedding planning as she is very xi xin(meticulous) and experienced. I was so touched when she even offered to help me prep flower petals by buying the flowers home to pluck i out herself. I feel that for a service like this is rare and esp precious for particular brides like me! So if you are planning to hold ur wedding there, cross your fingers that you will get Christina to be the coordinator. The only bad thing is I have a feeling poor Christina is loaded with lots of work cos she was drowned with meeting so many couples when I met her for the first time. BUT WHEW now all my big worries on mog's side is finally turn into a sweet ending!
Oh yes, recently the jiemeis have been planning the decors for the tables. There will be 4 long tables - 15:15:10:10. It is definitely not easy to decor a long table rather then the chinese banquest round tables. However, it also makes me excited on the ideas we came upon while walking around various craft shop to source for materials. The source of inspiration came from the bridal magazine : Style Weddings. If you asked me the pink theme setup was exactly where I first encounter the pink fondue too. In fact, I have even requested for the mog coordinator to change the drinks to fruit punch =) isnt that thrilling so many little details in pink!

(design by poppy)
The strong attraction which I have to the design setup is mainly because it is a garden theme background and yet has a pink theme which I absolutely adore so much!!! So excitedly, I show it to *ahem* the new wedding coordinator Hong.

Wonder where they obtain the pink 'Xi' character paper. So unique in its fusion design! The table cloth is something which I thought really brings out the whole table subtle and simple but yet very effective!

However, we cant expect us to plan so many sweet goodies on the table since it is gonna be buffet style and MOG wasn't able to help us plan menu around the pink theme =(

However, I must understand the limitations of the budget which I have keep to and the availability of affordable materials. This is the rough first draft I have:
Now dont luff at my wonderful drawing =P The tiny potted plants are suppose to be the favours which we are giving out to the guests and it is decorated with the beautiful personalized logo picture which Ah Li has kindly help to do(in fact she is even helping me with the invitation cards and the welcome poster at the reception. She even won second prize recently for some logo compeition - yes she is that good). Ok back to the table. The hanging support stand is what we be planning to used and we can hang miscellaneous items on it eg. mini glass bowl with pink water and floating white flowers of even floating tea candles (all these can be found at diaso).I have shown Hong the stand but what caught her eyes was another 3 hooks support stand. She propose that we can hang a variation of items on the stand which I think was a gorgeuos idea. Weird as it may seemed, but most of the suggestions made by hong was actually what i secretly like but din have the courage to propose as I was afraid that too many details and plans will backfire due tothe limitations of my decor ability. However, when hong mentions them, it is a diff story as I know that her ability to execute plans is much stronger than mine... woohoo I found a gem coordinator!
Hong says that in order to save budget, we will wun be layin out the whole table with the pink cloth but we will be laying out the center part like the picture shown. Anyway, we went down to arab street to buy the cloth as it is suppose to be cheaper. In fact for any potential brides out there it is a good time to buy it now as biz is poor over there and many shopowners are willing to cut the price in order to make some sales. We bought an egyptian pink stripe cloth which looks pretty good at 6 bucks per metre(quite a steal considering the width of the cloth is like 2 tables width =) , orginal price at 10 plus bucks per metre... so as an auntie I bought it immediately lol) I cant show the pic here as the cloth is with hong. Next, we need to settle the papers to be placed under the plates. Thanks to M, who has surprising lots of pink and white floral paper at home (lol) so another headache is down.
In fact, I'm now sourcing for cheap pearls which are string up to be laid in a freestyle manner on the tabe(suggested by hong) as it is easy and yet brings out elegance and the romantic feeling =) oh dear I love her ideas so much that it drives me nuts lol. I shall update soon again =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventure to Mount Faber and Henderson Wave (Part 2)

Written this entry some time ago but I have forgotten to post it:

Yeshh the famous Henderson Waves! Pointing excitedly!

Woodblock is quite lost on where we are by looking at his desperation in reading a map.

After a few minutes.....
Woodblock: 'Ok come follow me cos there is only one way, there isn't a need to read a map'
(Me: duh.. now then realise it.. rollz eyes)

Hey woodblock spotted something!

ooo... interesting information but it makes me feel that we are standing in a low lying area

Me the great thinker thinking about the great problems of the universe

Woodblock the great copydog (btw his chinese horoscope is woof woof!) so he started to think like a great thinker like me. Unfortunately I am pretty sure his brain is as blank as his nickname.

Great thinker still thinking.

Yeshh finally satisfied as I finally figure the greatest question on the universe .....
Great Question of the universe: What to eat for dinner?
My answer: Sushi!

There are couples who came here to sunbath. The guy is enjoying very much but the girl is pretty irritated by the sun somehow cos she doesn't look as comfortable as the guy.
Note: Hello guys pls don't bring a girl out on a date when she is not enjoying pls have a higher level of EQ can?

I asked woodblock to pose as though he is going to fall down but apparently he looks more like he is trying to give birth.

A demostration to show woodblock how to fall gracefully
We finally reach the entrance to the beautiful place where mediacorp always film their show. It is quite a scenic place and I just simply love the contrast of the dark forest with the bright garden.

It took wood block ages to lift me up to such a 'high seat' so you better appreciate this pic cos there are many labourous hardwork behind this picture.
TADA finally at the top! UNfortunately, I scratch myself and was in pain and the sky din make things easier as it was soon followed by a drizzle.
The only hdb which has a gorgeous sea view. I guess the prices of the hdbs here must be expensive too.
I wanted to show how high the bridge was but woodblock mentioned that a 2d view will never allow a person to gauge how deep it is.

While we ere crossing the bridge, we came upon a sign which says plant and own a tree for 100/200 bucks i cant remerber the exact price. But I was thinking it is cool to own your very own tree but the place is just simply a little ulu for the pple to come down everyday to admire and take care of it unless we stay nearby or own a car.

However it is very romantic if a guy is gonna buy a tree for a lady and say something like this 'Oh my darling, this tree represents my love for you and day by day it will only grow stronger and blossom' of cos it sounds a little rou ma but den againI am sure the girl will be touched by such nonsense lol

Spotted a large bamboo.
Woodlbock: Why are you pointing at the bamboo?
Me: I am NOT pointing at the bamboo but just trying to show how huge it is (roll eyez again).

Finally after a long tired walk and hmmm a nice teabreak at coffee club =)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Adventure to Mount Faber and Henderson waves (Part 1)

Feeling unhealthy with so much food buffet on our menu, woodblock and I decided to go a walk at Mount Faber and explore the trail through the Henderson Waves.
After a short 10 minutes climb, we reached the top of Mount Fabe and were greeted with a scenic view and a cool sea breeze!

Caught by surprise by wood block in action

I make woodblock do the old fashion pose lol as revenge

Love this shot, with the sunlight shimmering through the tiny openings between the greens.

As we walk on, we were greeted with more gorgeous views : City View and a view of PSA

We can even see the PSA from here!

Wood block is so lucky to have me as a personal photographer!

Me trying to be funny

Experimental Shot: Hoping to make the street looks longer

This tree is so adorable, I luv it's shape. From this view it looks even like fireworks!
A close inspection at nature
Signs: The don't don't s
Alas we finally arrive at Henderson wave.. need to go be right back on the Part 2 of this adventure

My New Wedding Heels

Yep after much search i gave up on pink heels and choose a white pair of heels with lots of swarovski crystals line on top. Actuallly this is wood block's fav pair of design which he ha set eyes on when we first went to metro.
Coincidentally we saw this pair of shoes again at OG and again wood block chose this pair again (without remembering that he has seen it before because his memory for such stuff are bad). I seriously think that many brides are wearing this pair of heels too despite it is not cheap .. cost about 90 plus bucks after discount from 119 bucks. But I must say the cutting design is good. The only worries and concern I have will be the durability of the shoes as I read from some forums about the shoes 'breaking down' after a few hours making this a very not value for money deal.. so I am gonna keep my fingers cross and hope that it will last esp I wantto wear it for my AD too which is still like 1-2 yrs away.

By the way, most of the Vivie's bling bling heels are around 3 inches . So if you need some higher than this you find that it is no longer suitale. I also notice that for such shoes, the heels are usually broader which is good as this release pressure for the ladies and we dun want to be upset becos our feets are hurting like mad esp we are suppose to look great fabulous and of cos happy from within on such special occasions.

Plus I am BOUNDED by the height of wood block who happens to be 'very tall', as a Virtuous-Wife-to-be, I shall give him some respect by not over taking him so fast yet.