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Monday, September 1, 2008

My New Wedding Heels

Yep after much search i gave up on pink heels and choose a white pair of heels with lots of swarovski crystals line on top. Actuallly this is wood block's fav pair of design which he ha set eyes on when we first went to metro.
Coincidentally we saw this pair of shoes again at OG and again wood block chose this pair again (without remembering that he has seen it before because his memory for such stuff are bad). I seriously think that many brides are wearing this pair of heels too despite it is not cheap .. cost about 90 plus bucks after discount from 119 bucks. But I must say the cutting design is good. The only worries and concern I have will be the durability of the shoes as I read from some forums about the shoes 'breaking down' after a few hours making this a very not value for money deal.. so I am gonna keep my fingers cross and hope that it will last esp I wantto wear it for my AD too which is still like 1-2 yrs away.

By the way, most of the Vivie's bling bling heels are around 3 inches . So if you need some higher than this you find that it is no longer suitale. I also notice that for such shoes, the heels are usually broader which is good as this release pressure for the ladies and we dun want to be upset becos our feets are hurting like mad esp we are suppose to look great fabulous and of cos happy from within on such special occasions.

Plus I am BOUNDED by the height of wood block who happens to be 'very tall', as a Virtuous-Wife-to-be, I shall give him some respect by not over taking him so fast yet.

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