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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventure to Mount Faber and Henderson Wave (Part 2)

Written this entry some time ago but I have forgotten to post it:

Yeshh the famous Henderson Waves! Pointing excitedly!

Woodblock is quite lost on where we are by looking at his desperation in reading a map.

After a few minutes.....
Woodblock: 'Ok come follow me cos there is only one way, there isn't a need to read a map'
(Me: duh.. now then realise it.. rollz eyes)

Hey woodblock spotted something!

ooo... interesting information but it makes me feel that we are standing in a low lying area

Me the great thinker thinking about the great problems of the universe

Woodblock the great copydog (btw his chinese horoscope is woof woof!) so he started to think like a great thinker like me. Unfortunately I am pretty sure his brain is as blank as his nickname.

Great thinker still thinking.

Yeshh finally satisfied as I finally figure the greatest question on the universe .....
Great Question of the universe: What to eat for dinner?
My answer: Sushi!

There are couples who came here to sunbath. The guy is enjoying very much but the girl is pretty irritated by the sun somehow cos she doesn't look as comfortable as the guy.
Note: Hello guys pls don't bring a girl out on a date when she is not enjoying pls have a higher level of EQ can?

I asked woodblock to pose as though he is going to fall down but apparently he looks more like he is trying to give birth.

A demostration to show woodblock how to fall gracefully
We finally reach the entrance to the beautiful place where mediacorp always film their show. It is quite a scenic place and I just simply love the contrast of the dark forest with the bright garden.

It took wood block ages to lift me up to such a 'high seat' so you better appreciate this pic cos there are many labourous hardwork behind this picture.
TADA finally at the top! UNfortunately, I scratch myself and was in pain and the sky din make things easier as it was soon followed by a drizzle.
The only hdb which has a gorgeous sea view. I guess the prices of the hdbs here must be expensive too.
I wanted to show how high the bridge was but woodblock mentioned that a 2d view will never allow a person to gauge how deep it is.

While we ere crossing the bridge, we came upon a sign which says plant and own a tree for 100/200 bucks i cant remerber the exact price. But I was thinking it is cool to own your very own tree but the place is just simply a little ulu for the pple to come down everyday to admire and take care of it unless we stay nearby or own a car.

However it is very romantic if a guy is gonna buy a tree for a lady and say something like this 'Oh my darling, this tree represents my love for you and day by day it will only grow stronger and blossom' of cos it sounds a little rou ma but den againI am sure the girl will be touched by such nonsense lol

Spotted a large bamboo.
Woodlbock: Why are you pointing at the bamboo?
Me: I am NOT pointing at the bamboo but just trying to show how huge it is (roll eyez again).

Finally after a long tired walk and hmmm a nice teabreak at coffee club =)

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