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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Teacher's day celeb

Even though I told myself I won't be writing any work related post.. but I cant help to fill in one entry on this special day!

I am suppose to be a villian but why do I look like Robin Hood?
Wouldn't it be cool to have super villians as your bodyguards muahahah
I am drooling blood... delicious! Please do not ask me where I got my eyelash extension from.
Wonder where they manage to get all those cobwebs... nice effect mabbe I should have a villian and superhero theme for my wedding.. sounds fun!
Name tags for us!

Someone drew a haunted castle on the wall?

I shall skip all the concert pictures except for this .... =)

Even though I was a little sad that I wasn't able to attend the second half of the concert and also the chance to celeb it with my form class, I was surprise when I came back during the evening after the NJRC competition to find my pigeon hole filled with presents and cards. It is my very 1st teacher's day and I am really touched not because I love presents but I am warm by the feeling that I was remembered ... I really almost tear with all the sweet msgs and gifts of thoughts=) thank you so much to all my students!

You guys make me feel like a super hero for the day!

Nope I did not make this pic, the theme for the celebration was superheroes and you should know who are the villians and who are the superheroes.. self explanatory lol
PS: I know I look sexy lol I wish I know how to use photoshop too! It's so fun whenever I look at this pic=) Even wood block and La Sa Li laugh like nuts when they saw this photo.

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