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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My bdae celeb!

My bdae 22nd July .....
Yeah I know it is already into August... so many frens were wondering how I have spent my bdae. So here's the pics update. On this special day, woodblock brought me to the Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at the 60th floor of UOB. I was actually very full that day and had no appetite.. so I wasn't so keen on a big meal.
But once we reached the lift and start the adventure to the restaurant. I can tell you the excitement started because, for the first time you are really stuck in a lift for a long time but yet the changing pressure on the ears reminds us that we are actually moving at a fast speed!

Once we reached the restaurant, I must say that even tho I am a more pro Jap and Western ambience person, I really love the place. First it is pretty quiet with a soft chinese instrumental music playing in the background. Secondaly, if you look out of the window, the city view is gorgeous and romantic!!!

The Menu
A very happy bdae girl!

It wasn't before long, a waiter came up and asked whether if we want some tea. It really took us by surprise when he started pouring tea with a very special teapot. Of cos the tea taste aromatic and as a chinese tea lover, I really felt pampered both visually and tastefully lol.

There are even traces of flower petals in the green tea

First dish: Crabmeat and scallop soup .. The texture of the soup is similar to that of the usual shark fin soup but the crab meat serving is pretty generous.

Sea cucumber and fish maw. The sea cucumber is one of my fav dish. However, I must really compliment the chef for being able to cook up an equally amazing fish maw..... cos it taste exactly as soft and chewy as the sea cucumber.... yes really amazing!

Close up of the amazingly soft fish maw aka clone of sea cucumber

Next up, steam prawns... with yummy sauce!

The prawn is drowning in the sauce....

Since its my bdae, I shall be treated like a princess.. so woodblock helps me with the prawn peeling *touched*
I can't remember what fish this is .. but I find it a little too dry =(
The star of the evening... the beancurd... really smooth and delicious. For a person who is not a fan for beancurd.. this dessert has really won me over. The green fruits are actually the water cheastnut. I prefer the original plain one tho.
A wonderful birthday! Thank you Woodblock and family =)

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