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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to choose a Bridal Shop?


This question was popped in by a guy friend of woodblock and mine in uni. BUT ops he asked the wrong person - woodblock!?! Hello don't you know woodblock just need to attend the wedding that his dear wife plans?

Yep he is THAT relax because his virtuous wife is simply great in cooking, washing dishes, telling jokes, being simply cute (as in naturally from deep within)

Christine : HEY YOU! YES you!

Why are you giving me that kind of look that is skeptical? You dont believe what I say do you ?( an angry christine who feels hurt of such accusation look)

Thank goodness there's evidence! Don't worry these evidence are authentic as they are all taken ages back ago when I still have short hair(another concrete supporting evidence)



Concrete Evidence 1: Hello Cute Girl!

Concrete Evidence 2: Beary Cute Girl !

Concrete Evidence 3: PUffy Cute GIRl! (haiz unbelievable sweet)

Concrete Evidence 4: Girl who looks shock but still beary cute!

Concrete Evidence 5: Big Eye cuteness (guys always think that girls with big eyes are cute and now I understnad why after reviewing my pic after such a long time)

Concrete Evidence 5: Act blur cuteness (the kind which guys like to protect especially like veggy hubby to give them a sense of manliness)

Concrete Evidence 6: Hao lian Cuteness ( now we know why woodblock is so smitten by me because even when I am trying to act evil, I am still so adorable!)
Anyway the most important thing about this virtuous wife christine is that she knows what she wants for the wedding and at the same time she makes sure she looks after her woodblock's POCKETS from being burnt out.
So I guess when woodbock's friend ask him a question thinking that woodblocks know... *AHEM* .. tells a lot about woodblock's friends too (so we know that they should all be quarantine before the whole singapore becomes infected by the blur veggie virus)

A cheerio Woodblock being happy veggie hubby!
Anyway now here is my answer to this $$$ million dollar question $$$ seriously!
1) Get a local bridal magazine. It cost around 6- 8 bucks but you will find that such spending is important for ideas and reference so try not to be thrifty over this as it will help you spend the money in the right channel.

2) Look through the magazine and go through the various different style of gowns and photography offer by the various bridal shops. You will realise that there will be one or two or even several ones that might catch your eye, note all of them down into a list. So there now, you now have a direction to work on.

3) Next, set a budget with your partner. If your budget is 4k then looking for a bridal package at approximate 3k will be good as you wil find that the costing may be stretch later on for bits and pieces of top ups eg for lace gown($500), additional page( avg $80), make up (ampoule, eye lash .. ) etc

4) After this step with your list of bridal shops, then go to the bridal forum eg or and look under the thread for bridal shops to look for the bridal shops you have listed. You will be able to find the various reviews on the shop.

IF you are not able to find any threads on the bridal forum on the bridal shop of your interest ,then I can tell you most likely it will not be a good bet to get a package from the shop as there is a good reason why all these threads cant be found. Usually, the main reason is that the comments are so bad and negative until it affects the reputation of the bridal company. So under some form of pressure, the forum moderator has to remove it.

5) Do also visit threads like the market exchange too look for pple letting go ready bridal packages. Reason is simple: You can collate all the price of the packages and most important note down what are all the things/goodies that the bridal shop offers to other couples. This ensure that you will know whether if the costing fits your budget and at the same time maximise your bargaining with the bridal shop even before stepping in.

GUESS what you will now win half the war through:
1) Knowing the price vs your budget so you will not be visiting a bridal shop uncessary and end up commiting too much money beyond your means
2) Knowing what is the best price on offer by the bridal shop (but usually the price only varies by a few hundred)
3) Knowing what is the best deal that the bridal shop can offer. Better more then less.
Some btbs might argue what if I don't need an MTM wedding dress, car etc ?!?
well don't bother about it and just take it first. YOu find that later on when you don't need it, the bridal shop can easily change it to other items to cover these making it a win - win situation for you.

6) For those who prefer any particular photography company (as in their style of photgraphy), then you might want to find out if your dream photographer is tied up to some bridal shops so you can have the best of both world by signing up at the bridal shop which he/she works with. As mentioned by Hong previousy, if you dont have a good tailor lobang then you might end up paying more or even having a gown that might not be to your maximum likings at all.
7) Finally with after a great bargaining, you are allowed to do an evil laughter MUAAHAHAHAHAAHAH for your ingenious buy!
haiz same conclusion isnt it? ........ Still ROARING CUTE!

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