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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A gorgeous double happiness candle

Rcently I have been looking through the wedding favours in .

Many of the favours here can be found from overseas favour webby, of course it will be slightly cheaper to order by ourselves from overseas but nevertheless I found the price quoted by sgweddingfavours slightly cheaper compared to the few other local website quoting for the same item which I found kinda of interested in.
TADA isnt' this beautiful?. I have always love the contrasting colour of black and red as it exudes the new oriental sexiness in wedding.

However, th sad thing about the candle is that it for favours and not table centerpiece, therefore the dimension is pretty small at 5cm x 5cm x 5cm . This size can still be used efficiently for long table setting decor but for a round banquet table, it can be quite a challenge as the aestheticness of the centerpiece is no longer 2 dimensional but from 360 degrees.

The cost of the candle is approximately $3.30 offered by sgweddingfavours not cheap but defitnitely a kill for if you know how to use it as a centerpiece statement.

For long tables, you can have basic black tablecloth with either a red oriental liner at the center or a whole row of rose petals lining the center aisle of the table with the candles being place some distance apart on the rose petals. Simple but gorgeous!

I'm still comtemplating to get them for centerpieces =P wait till i think of the perfect plan to set the candl on the tables...... muahahaha

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