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Friday, May 8, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Guess what? With this long weekend, I decided to plan a special date for woodblock and me.

When I told a colleague about it, the first thing he asked was : "What special occasion is it?"

I was pretty much stunned for a moment when I heard his question and I laughed and asked him back :
"Why MUST it be some occasion to plan something special?"

His reaction, a sheepish laugh at his own question!

Now this is a very dangerous mindset(ahem esp the guys) for us to fall into as when our relationship with our partners starts to age, esp when we are talking about those r/s that's has been ongoing for years. It is aleady definitely not an easy task to face the mundane daily work activities and life routine so why make it harder when it comes to r/s with your partner.

Our partner is here to provide us with(vice-versa):

  1. A source of solace
  2. A good company from being lonely
  3. A good hug for security
  4. Laughter
  5. Adoration
  6. A best friend that reads your mind
  7. A sharer for our joy
  8. A spectator to our glory moments
  9. A witness to the biography of our life

Therefore it doesn't makes sense that as time goes by you take it for granted that such qualities will just magically maintain by itself. Therefore even in the event whereby it is not a special date, it is good to remember to take note of little things to love your partner and of course do go fo little special dates whenever you can to spice up both your life and r/s.

Not known to everyone, actually every morning I will walk to work(partial route) with woodblock for a precious 10 mins hand in hand striking simple conversations in the quiet morning. Perhaps due to the serenity of the morning silence, it seems to make every conversation so ever peaceful to me.

Therefore it isn't a surprise that I simply adore this routine! Being able to talk to the person I love and being able to have the pleasure to spend such quality time with him the first thing in the every morning is the most romantic daily routine I look forward to and enjoys it very much greatly.

Sometimes even little drizzles in the morning became a bonus as we shared an umbrella and walked even closer together in the cold morning.

There was once that I even told woodblock that I wished that time would stopped so that we can be together under the drizzle forever (a very crazy idea to woodblock tho)

Anyway back to the little special date that I have plan for my woodblock:

TADA presenting ..........................

Much Ado About Nothing

Love, laughter, madness and mayhem.
Shakespeare in the Park’ returns this May with one of the greatest comedies of all time.
Sumptuous costumes, a spectacular set, music, dancing, word play and laughter come together to make a joyful night.
Bring a picnic basket and blanket and sit under the stars as the park comes to life like you have never seen before. (I'm actually bought by this particular advertising statement)

As war-weary soldiers return home, sparks fly as a battle of love commences. At the wealthy Leonato’s house, the beautiful young Hero catches the eye of Claudio, a handsome soldier. They fall in love at first sight and rush headlong into marriage, but they still have a lot to learn about each other. There is no such hurry for confirmed singletons Beatrice and Benedick, whose scorn for love and love of bickering inspire their scheming friends to plot them a happy ending.
A hilarious showdown between the sexes unfolds in Shakespeare's dark and dazzling romantic comedy.

Directed by Edward Dick who directed the hugely successful tour of Romeo and Juliet for Shakespeare's Globe as well as A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Sydney Theatre Company. He also directed Twelfth Night for Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.

Starring Adrian Pang (MediaCorp Artiste) with Jason Chan, Michael Corbidge, Wendy Kweh and Julie Wee.
I cant wait to start packing the picnic basket with my dear woodblock! Such a new exciting experience for us!

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