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Monday, May 4, 2009

Japan Getaway

Not many pple know that I'm a JAp food lover and I am a sucker for sashimi but NOT WASABI!

So this weekend , woodblock decided that we shall fly to Japan to eat... BUT where to? Japan is so huge with lots of delicacy spread out in every province...

TADA ... We eloped to a quaint town to have a quiet and cosy meal together. The snow is gently falling outside the log cabin and there for once, woodblock and me were stuck in a foreign land with just only each other for company. For once, the world seemed to be own by us... it was such romantic moment beyond

Eh, what is this?!? CHEH woodblock's Japan is in SINGAPORE's TAMpINES MALL?!?!? %$^$^^#%%# (suddenly all the romantic scene picture before starts crumbling in Princess Christine's DREAM wonderland)
yes woodblock did honour his word to bring me around to eat Japan's cuisine with OSAKA, HOKKAIDO, OSAKA etc
BUt he din tell me everything is within a food court size restaurant =P
So our adventure starts here at MANPUKU

The restaurant functions very much like MArche with the card system to purchase any food.

And the reserved sign also emphasises tat we shouldn't be misplacing the card as it is most prolly expensive =(
I do love the rich Japanese decor of the stall in here.. however, after some snapping around I got real bored, as every store decor seems a little identical =P bleah for my aesthetic taste.

Since they emphasize so much of the food from the different areas, why didn't they differentiate the decor of the stores more ?!?!?

Don't ask me why woodblock loves to wear the same shirt every single weekend. All he told me was that he was afraid that I will get lost and it will be convenient to have a shirt imprinted with a clear message : WHERE ARE YOU? Actually to me, he is the one who is more likely going to get lost as he loves wandering around without telling me where he is going every time.
So I prefer to keep my wallet with me to have more sense of security =P
Actually I WISH WOODBLOCK WILL REALLY GET LOST FOR ONCE so as to give me a chance to try out those announcement service to tell the whole shopping centre a boy name woodblock is lost in the shopping centre if he EVAs wander off again without giving me any warning.

Finally, after much walking around, woodblock ordered Mixed Seafood Grill


I ordered Kimchi Flavoured NAbeyaki Udon instead

Apparently woodblock loves what I ordered more than what he ordered.
At the different areas of the restaurant, I love the fact that it has different decor setting =)
I deliberately chose a western setting decor to sit at! Haiz I already mentioned I'm into vintage tuff these days so it doesn't come much as a surprise for me to choose such a spot to dine my FAV JAP FOOD!

Can't wait to tuck in quickly before woodblock stretch out his SUPER GREEDY hand and attack my NABEYAKI UDON =P
Woodblock always have a bad habit of asking the famous
question which always drive Princess Christine NUTS
: " Is your food nice?"
Now this is no ordinary question. Since the uni days, Princess Christine realise this means woodblock wants to eat a few big mouth ful of your food!
So woodblock's anticipated answer will be : "Why don't you try it out and you will know"
So here's what I tried :
1) Just tell him it is nice.
Consequence: Woodblock will say really? and then tell me he wants to try it too.
2) Just tell him it is not nice.
Consequence: Woodblock will say really? and then tell me he wants to try it too and help me eat.
3) Pretend and ignore the question
Consequence: Woodblock is very patient when he just wants to eat YOUR food. He can keep asking the same question over and over again until you give him the right anticipated answer.
In words, no matter how hard princess Christine tries, her food will always end up partially in woodblock's tummy.
So the best way to counter attack the situation is to simply eat up woodblock's food while he is attacking your food away. Not the best strategy but definitely a more fulfiling meal strategy to fight against a hungry woodblock.
SIGHz at the end of the day, all I can say was that the food at MANPUKU isn't yummy at all and I wont be going back for food but I might go back to try out its desserts instead =)
Next stop: Desserts at swenson!
After we place our order,woodblock already started to look dreamily at his fav: food pics in brochures!

He subconsciously let out a dreamy smile to indicate his indulgence with such hobby

ooooo even the spoons are telling us the sign that desserts are sinful =P

Wdooblock looks kinda of sad whenever he waits for food to come.

Starting to get a little glum and blue from waiting

When's my ice cream coming?

YAy my banana split!

And for woodblock .... ?!?!?!?!

HUH a Happy Birthday Fire Engine Sundae? See woodblock's facial expression turns back into dreamy look after the ice cream is here =)

Let me blow out the candle for ya! Actually woodblock was staring at the candle dreamily for WAY TOO LONG until the candle wax started dripping! I got a little impatient and decided to just blow out his ice cream fantasy for him and gett him to start eating.
HMMm Our 5th year anniversary will be here soon on 23rd May. I'm getting so excited about it! wonder if woodblock will still be in singapore to celeb with me =( never mind we shall have a makeup celeb during june in BATAM =)
Been stuck at home all day with a flu =( Nope I never been to Mexico and I definitely don't have a fever =P
Get well soon Princess Christine!

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