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Friday, May 15, 2009

Finishing of first wal panel

After a busy morning, I finally finish up with the wall panel . I guess picture tells a thousand words and I won't be continuing on this project until perhaps during the June holidays as I realise the painitng process, even though enjoyable, is pretty much physically straining due to lifting the arms high for hours.

A close up just on the wall panel. You might realise that the wall is actually behind the door when we open it. I really din wan to get into trouble with my mum in law in case she discovered that I have illegally use a pencil to draw on the wall one day before the painting project. Plus in any case where the painings did not work out, the damage work can be hidden temporarily by the open door lol.

Here's the second wal panel that wil need to be completed in June. As te flowers drawn will be diagonally upwards, I guess the no. of flowers drawn will be much lesser and hopefully less hectic then.
Ok time for lunchie with my beloved woodblock.

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