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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A close up preview of my Si Dian Jin

I have finally collected the jewelleries back from Goldheart ! Now I can finally take a closer and clearer pictures of the Si Dian Jin (ok now currently is San Dian Jin bcos i have yet settle the bracelet).

As mentioned, Goldheart was nice enough to provide me with a box for placing the Ala Carte Si Dian Jin that I have chosen as it makes a nice display for my jewelleries.

The salesgirl even offered to wrapped a nice ribbon on the box as she says that some parents might complain that it is too plain and inauspicious to have just the whitebox alone. Very thoughtful of her but then again I thought the ribbon looks a little plain. If I have time, I might try to repackage the box a little=)

Once we were out of the shop, Woodblock secretly told me that he thinks I can do a better job then just tying a ribbon to decorate the box.
Now proudly opening the box... TADA!
The black backing enhances the colour of the rose gold and the glimmery of the diamonds =)

A close up of the pendant.

A very matching earring which I love the fact that it is not those super long dangling kind but a nice short elegant one which I can wear for future dinner banquet next time.

An artistic shot of the 3 pieces together.
The omega necklace is something i love so much as it is a smart invention of the combination of white gold + rose gold on either side. Meaning I can choose
to wear the necklace either in white or rose gold depending on the type of pendent that I slot in. A very modern and versatile jewellery which is a good reason I am willing to
fork out 400 plus for this particular necklace alone.
I love my si dian jin so much! Now I just have to look for a matching bracelet which the sales person from goldheart have promise me to help me. The company is giving me priority to reserve and view the jewelleries(as in those new upcoming ones in purple gem+rose gold combintation) once they out out! super excited!!!

Costing :$1688 so far and sounds like a very auspicious number isn't it? Looks like I will exceed the tight $2k budget but then again, it is not easy to piece up something which is gorgeous and yet at such a price for Si Dian Jin.... I feel like a big winner suddenly just by marveling at the goreous jewellery set that I have chosen. Even my mother in law commented that it looks great!

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