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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to fold a traditional cloth diaper - Origami Style!

Now I realise my mum-in-law had secretly bought a packet of cloth diapers and hid in some dark corner of the house and I didnt realise about it until last Friday when she finally couldn't hide her excitement and took it out of the hiding place and show it to me and my aunt!

She bought the smallest size 28" for the newborn Baby Hui. I think she is pretty accurate even though I know there's giant size baby like my cousin Calvin's one. Looking at the growth of Baby Hui with the standard chart, I roughly guess Baby Hui is going to be a petite size like me and Daddy Woodblock.

It wasn't soon she started demonstrating and teaching me the daugther-in-law on a trick or 2 in folding a cloth diaper. I was pretty excited of course and it makes it even more(in fact it was an element of surprise) when I realise that the style of diaper folding she taught me was pretty the Origami style => not as boring or as simple or straight forth as I assume it would be.

Initially I wasn't very keen about using cloth diaper as WASHING DIAPER?!?!?! EEWWWW, IS A SMELLY AND DIRTY JOB that I cant imagine!

But then after much discussion and checking things out, I realise that it may not be such a bad idea for the following reasons:

1) The baby actually feels more comfortable wearing cloth diaper =)

2) The chances of nappy rash is now much reduced and saves the cost of expensive nappy rash cream (if you buy those cheapo nappy rash cream, it doesnt work and your baby continues to cry so what's the point?)

3) It is cheaper and economical then to use the disposable diaper full time (I am planning to use a mix of disposable(outdoor use) and cloth diaper(home use)).

4) To minimise the risk of dirt and mess on the mattress, there are a few strategies that are available =>
(a) Lay a layer of waterproof rubber protection mattress at waist line down so that any leakage could be prevented.
(b) Wear a waterproof diaper pants outside the cloth diapers. I went to look around and it cost about $6 bucks/piece and it comes with different cloth designs. So I will only start my purchase after I know the gender of Baby Hui.
(c) Put in a diaper liner within the cloth diaper which we can throw it away as faeces are sometimes a killer for washing.

5) It is a fact that baby urine and faeces are nicer smelling to deal with then adult ones as they only drink milk and have not much of other excretory products add on to make it smelly.

6) I am a sucker for anything that's OLD SCHOOL. LOL (ok I know that's an absolute stupid reason)

I have been surfing online on cloth diaper folding and I was amaze that there were so many different ways of doing it. I guess it is a free style world even in diaper folding! For a moment, I thought the one taught by my mum in law was the Asian style and couldn't be found in the youtube but I guess I am pretty lucky that in the end I found a video which feature the Origami style that my mum in law taught me!

Presenting a step by step guide on an ORIGAMI diaper folding style by

1) Spread and lay the diaper flat on the bed.

2) Fold the cloth into half.

3) Fold in the midpoint in order fold one side of the cloth into a triangular shape.

3) Turn the cloth onto the other side.

4) Fold the other side of the cloth into 1/3 length into the center.

5) Fold in the last 1/3 again.

6) Fold the extra cloth at the top edge down.

6) Place the baby in and then fold the bottom up.

7) Finally fold the 2 sides in to cover the baby and you may use a clip to clip the cloth in place. It is a trend for mummies not to use pin these days as there is a risk of accidentally pinning the baby's skin and hurting the baby.

For those who are not the pictorate people, here's a video to show how to do it from Purechristianity in youtube( I am not a Christian in case you have any misunderstanding)


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