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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hanging Decos

I have been surfing for some ideas on the decos recently I came upon these pictures from Wedding Bee's Webby =)

Cute pink laterns instead of the conventional flowers pomander or baskets hanging by the chair! Too bad the chairs are covered with a white cover so I guess it will be a no no to hang any thing at all.

When I saw this picture, the first thought that came into my mind was - genius! First test-tubes are relatively inexpensive compare to the price of the glass bottles you find selling on the market. Next the simple addition of sweet coloured tone flowers plus translucent ribbons forms an absolute picturesque. So romantic! If I ever have any money left from the wedding budget, I might be asking hong ..

Me: 'er... can we have this hanging around too'
Hong: 'Yah yah everything in the whole world you also want' rollz eyes and then she will face at an angle to the sky and snort at me for being such a bridzilla lol
Then I will do my drama queen fall to the floor and lay sideways and sob..... (bkground music of the usual channel 8 drama on those pityful scene will start to play softly behind)
Me: 'I am just a poor, innocent nu ren (woman), pls have some pity on me. sniff sniff, sob sob'
Qi will suddenly appear from nowhere and being the kind angel she has always been, she will say
Qi: 'Poor Fang! How can you do this to her, Hong!'
Then Qi turns towards me and help me up and tell me
Qi:' Dont worry I can get all the test-tubes from N*E for you and nag Hong until she relent to agree with the hanging decos which you adore it much!'
I will then beam with the greatest and most touching smile we can ever imagine.
HAnd in hand Qi and me will walk towards the sunset with the birds chirping and dancing around us
Ok Just kidding
I wonder how will it feel to have a friend like me

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