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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love wrapped in Sweetness

Finally after a long wait the print out of our wedding card has been out!

Love the colour!

Front View of the ROM Card

Back View of the ROM card

Yes if you have been observant enough in the first pic you will have spotted some strange small printouts of our logo too haha

Now Presenting every girl's second best friend other then DIAMONDS (which we know is the hardest material and is best use as a weapon against man.... not physically.. but it does cut a huge hole in their pocket) drumrollz ....

it's our very own Vitor and Christine's brand of chocolate!

After sloggin in the kitchen years after years, wood block and me came up with a secret choc recipe. The ingredients consists of the finest cocoa and natural fruit flavouring which enriches the deep taste of the chocolate where the bitterness makes you crave for more.... MOre , MORE!!

TADA. The packaging comes in both horizontal and vertical stripes =)

Launching of the new Vitor and Christine's chocolate!


Don't worry as we are not selfish we shall reveal the identity of our secret ingredients:








I hope you din really think that we MADE the choc from scratch lol we just bought some chocs from NTUC and rewrapped it =P

'Love wrapped with sweetness' ~ Slogan for our choc!

Our very own Box of Chocolates ... ... yummy sweet!

We also bought some gems from Takashimaya bearing our initials.

There we decorated it on my heels! OK I just love dangling sparkling gems on my heels so I thought might as well use our own initials muahaha. OK quite redundant but very satisfying to me =P

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