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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Peek @ the Sexy Stocking Floral

Well I'm about to rush off to meet woodblock for dinner soon!

Before I go , I thought I just update on what I have been up to in the short noon. I deliberately pass by amk craft shop to pick up the material required to made the stocking flower. The cratshop lady was really helpful and helped me check out the materials and wanted to make sure that i bought only the necessary items and at the same time din forget the important materials.

TADA presenting Princess Christine's treasures......

Tubes for ensuring consistent size of petals

Wires for making the skeleton of the flower

Not forgetting the sexy stockings

I had no idea what the heck this is when I bought it. But turns out that this is miracle string that works wonder with the nylon cloth material!!! By just winding it round and round without tying a single knot, the string just simply stays put in its place!!!! AMAZING MAN!

I chose the pink tube as reference for my petals size.

There I made many 3 petal skeleton stalk with the gold wire bfore adding the nylon skin on them.

An intermediate peek

I got little distracted and started adding black crystals at the center for deco!

Current floral bloom : Princess Christine's Size

A very happy Princess Christine with her draft prototype which has yet been completed of cos!

What I shall do tmr:
- Finish up the last 3 sets of floral petals
- Leaves?
- Addition of more pearls and crystals for the handle

Ok i'm running late. shall update again soon =)

Oh yes before I go, jus wanna mention:

"Princess Christine truimphs again!!!"

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