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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bridesmaid Adventure 1

Was very excited yesterday at Love Potion as a portion of us jiemeis (Qi, Xuan, Yijun and Hong the bride) made our way down to the boutique to try out the cutting for our bridesmaid dress for Hong's wedding...

The conclusion?? A very satisfying bridesmaid and I was like so thrilled by the super chio dress that I have an wanted qi to make sure when i become her jiemei, we will come back to the shop have let me tailor made another bridesmaid dress lol!!!

So first up: Presenting Princess Christine's Bridesmaid Dress!

I wonder why the original dress in black has those "sex and the city" look but once it is being customed made and dressed on me... it looks pretty oriental. Loking at my pale face, i wonder why qi asked if i had make up on??? I hoe it's not becos i sucked with make up and ended up always looking the same with or without make up on.

Doesnt it resemble the cheong sum dress I have chosen for my wedding PS??? Love it to the bits!

Now presenting Qi's BM dress! There was some adjustments mades in front so we didnt want to take the front's close up pic until it is ready.

Oh my who is in such a distraught state???

It's yijun, Hong's model like sister. She is really very pretty and tall!!!! I'm sorry that the pic wasnt able to capture it. She is talent hunted to model bridal dresses for Hong's bridal shop!

Yijun's huge mickey mouse like ribbon bow at the back... very kawaii!

I wanted capture the happy bridesmaid in one shot.

Hong took the pic and we pose prettily

But I love the detail of my back and insisted everyone posed like this instead

yes i'm very happy while taking pics in this angle, i couldn't hide my hao lian smile

Good choice Hong! We are the SUPERB DUPER pretty jiemei tuan!!!

Look out for more bridesmaid adventure while we go dress fitting this Friday at Bliss Bridal and Next week for the oriental bridesmaid adventure lol.

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  1. Hi Christine, may I know how much it costs to customise a dress at Love Potion, if you don't mind telling me? Thanks! =)