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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bridesmaid Adventure II

Finally I gotten my pretty jiemei's the bridesmaid dress for the morning tea ceremony!!! Guess where I got them from???? OF COS my favourite bridemaid dress shop => Z Style!

It was actually very disappointing after our visit to bliss bridal as I realise that despite promising me the 3 bridesmaid dresses, they usually do not cater to that many number of bridesmaids (to be honest not even 2) and hence even though each individual dresses are pretty (of cos becos they are not bridesmaid but rom dresses!!!) but the gals look strange standing next to each other =(

so like i mentioned i make use of the opportunity to rent out one more WG(the lovely bare back cheong sam gown for my PS) for my banquet and rather get my jiemeis' dresses myself. so for those bliss bridal btb, if you are considering the jiemeis' dresses, do go ahead bargain with them to be in the package first and later on just change to something else like me. It's better to have MORE than less *wink wink*

BUT it was like a lightning strike in my heart when i visited z style later on because, there wasnt any suitable dresses for both citylink and far east branch *GASP*!!!!!

Just when i was about to turn to other alternatives, about a week later, while qi n me was going down to bliss to choose my floral bouquet, we chance upon z style and found the perfect vintage dress which has a touch of oriental too!!!

PERFECT is the word to describe the dress
for my tea ceremony => it's like X-FILES, but i always chance upon such miracle finds on something so perfect and most importantly VALUE FOR MONEY during my wedding finds!!!

Here's presenting the PERFECT Vintage + Oriental bridesmaid dress for the Princess Christine's Tea ceremony!

Front Profile

Diagonal Profile

Top Close Up Profile
The dress has those mandarin collar and the translucent lace adds great visual details to the white dress! The thick waist band helps to highlight the slim waist of my 3 jiemeis - Hong, Xuan and Qi! *Wolf Whistle*

Skirting Close Up
I know Xuan does likes dresses with a little layering. Qi and me loves the fact that it can help cover little tummies lol. Not that my jiemeis have tummy (=P) but you know we always like to prep for times of emergency esp after a nice meal....

This dress not just only fits the theme, but Qi mentioned that it is perfect for girls as it helps us looks slim due to the halter top, thick waist band plus the layered skirt !!! Most importantly, it is very pocket friendly => KACHING @ $28/dress ONLY!

Ok I do admit i want to wear it too cos it is really too pretty!!!!! I love it so much to the core! I already "pressured" Qi and Xuan to promise to lend me their dresses for parties from time to time already lol.

When I am a size bigger, i know who to look for too .... HONG (A BIG AHEM if you are reading this I hope you can also pledge to lend out the dress readily when i GROW taller)!

PS: I experience a very unhappy time with the dress shop that was suppose to sell us the cheong sams earlier on, I regret recommending it to my readers and has hence remove the post as it was never really a cheap value for money deal esp considering the bad sales integrity I gotten from the shop lady. BUT I found another even better deal. YAYYyyyyyyeeeee & A BIG WHEWwww! So I guess when I have the time I will share this in my blog.


  1. Hi Princess Christine,

    This dress looks very nice! Could you share where did you get this the PERFECT Vintage + Oriental bridesmaid dress?

  2. hi evelyn, the dress is from zstyle which can be found at far east and suntec citylink.

  3. Hi there, i saw ur wedding gown at the side of ur blog... the pink one and its so swt... wonder if u r selling tis..? u cn email me at