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Monday, July 5, 2010

Gotten your BTO? = You won TOTO!

With the crazy low number of HDB BTOs being offered each month by HDB, it seems pretty bleak for anyone to get their BTOS anytime soon. The over-subscribed cases is like almost 10 times for every BTO exercise and this makes me wonder in horror that it is a no wonder that these days many young couples are unwilling to get wed as many of them felt insecure to get tied down without a home. So dont blame it on the people when pple are getting wed later and of cos giving birth.

For me, I am starting to shelf the baby plans even though i felt pressured these days especially when my cousin in law who got married at the same time as us is having his first baby soon. What makes me upset most is that when I wrote in to HDB, they just replied by telling me to keep applying. Hello, if I can I WILL! But this is OUR last chance to be ELIGIBLE for the bid and this is the only last and nearest one I could get to. Even if we are diligent enough to continue bidding, we will no longer be approved for registration as we hit the salary ceiling.

I really felt that if the new implementation made by HDB were really that effective the ideal number of oversubscribed ratio should have been push down to 4-5 times at most *shake head*.

Now I am starting to ponder what to do when this, our one and only last chance of getting a BTO is going to be like another TOTO attempt.

Yes to get a BTO in Singapore is like winning some lottery like TOTO.
Never win a lottery before? Trying bidding for BTO!!!
At least it has a slightly higher chance to win compared to the TOTO.

Here are some pics for us to drool on before we get this message again:

"Your queue position is beyond 300% of the flat supply. Hence, you are deemed as unsuccessful in your flat application. You will not be invited to select a flat and your flat application has been cancelled accordingly. For first-timer applicants, this unsuccessful application will be counted towards the accumulation of additional chances for their future application for a flat in non-mature estates under the BTO exercises. => (which we are no longer applicable)

Façade - Designed to minimise heat gain for greater comfort
Solar Power - Use of clean and renewable energy to supplement the lighting needs at the common areas
Convenience of Recycling - Provision of separate recyclable refuse chute for easy recycling
On-site Compost Bin - For deposition of garden waste for decomposition
Bioretention Swales/ Rain Gardens - Clears pollutants and silt from rain and runoff water before they enter the waterway

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