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Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Jewellery Organiser

Last Sunday was another happy fruitful day especially when my mum in law decided to get my father in law to fixed us a new shoe storage cupboard and discard the old one again. This now means I have proper storage place for my shoes finally and it feels happy to be allocated 2 rows of drawers in the cupboard. However, what really makes me excited was the old cupboard she was going to discard away!!!

I was having a headache on getting a proper jewellery oganiser to organise my accessories. I was searching high and low and the closest I can find to what that will occupies little space was this:

However, it seem that this will cost be about $16 plus but I didnt really had a place to hang this organiser bag up as the only hook I have will be behind the door which is always full of hanging pyjamas etc and other clothings.

So in the end I took the liberty to extract the shoe cupboard's door and convert it to a jewellery hanging organiser!

As I also have prob storing all the little photos and magnetic pic of woodblock and me, I thought why not add it to the jewellery organiser to personalise it. Simply love the details of our pics on it!

The magnetic photo was made during one of woodblock's company family day.
I bought curtain hooks at 10 for $1 from the neighbourhood store to hang the bracelets/rings.
My lovely earring collections........... my mum in law even tease that I am like setting a jewellery store in my room and asked whether Ah li (my sis in law) is interested in going to my room to shop for accessories.

Woodblock suggested that I hang the jewellery organiser by the side of the cupboard which makes it easier for me to choose my accessories when i get dress up.

For me, I love the idea of displaying all the accessories and our pics like a photo frame on the wall =)

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