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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet Dreams Sleeping Beauty

It's been ages since I gotten any chance to blog and I have loads of photos in my camera crying to have their story spoken....

Sometimes I wish the time will be up soon for me to take a break especially from my work, which has been suffocating me for the past few weeks. I am so glad that my ice cream workshop is finally over and it was definitely a tremendous stress for me to conduct one while a number of cases for me to handle seem to be on the rise.

Whenever I am immerse in all these hectic work, the only solace I seeked will be home and of course spending quality time in my slumberland. Therefore, I have been splurging on my sleep wear !!!!

I am so into young hearts pyjamas these days and I cant help but start off my collection by purchasing 2 of them to switch my pyjamas from those pants to finally the girly skirts.

So presenting my secret sleepwear stash....................

Sleeping Beauty Collection #1 The ice cream princess!

JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE! Oh my it's the ice cream man, Mr Jones!
Give yourself a sweet treat with the ice cream and doze off into a yummy candyland!

Sleeping Beauty Collection #2 The Paris Princess in love!
Take a romantic break and indulge in the mood of paris. Great to have a cuppa of coffee to go especially for afternoon naps.

It is fun for me and woodblock and I always enjoy him calling me by the different themes of pyjamas I am in eg. "Ice Cream Princess" or "Paris Princess". I hope young hearts will continue to come up with interesting dreamy pyjamas themes like this (but taking care of the comfort level as I realise a few pyjamas theme like the sailor one didnt look that comfortable) as it allows me to have the excuse of playing dressing up with cute and girly dresses in my own world which probably only little girls of age 6 and below gets to wear.

The soft toys are my recent bdae gift from my dozens of little bosses from 2 different sub-companies! It's pretty adorable and I thank them so much for giving me so many bdae surprises in one day!

Anyway my wish is to have at least a different pyjamas theme for each day of the week..... so you know what I wish for Christmas this year....
*winkz* and *YYYYYYYYYYYYYYawnzzzzz*

Sweet Dreamz from the Sleeping Princess Christine

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