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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fantastic National Day @ Marina Barrage

We were pretty disappointed this year when we realise that neither we did not manage to get any tickets to watch the NDP live nor did we get the bid to catch the fireworks at Duxton.

So while we were pondering on what to do after lunch, especially after halfway through my work, woodblock had a brilliant idea! Soon we got ourselves packing and arrived at Marina Barrage for a kite-flying cum picnic cum firework-watching session!

Despite the hot weather, there were loads of crowd at the marina barrage when we arrived there. However, it was good that we eventually manage to gotten ourselves a good spot!

We picked out a place where we can have a good view of the marina bay sand and the singapore flyer. I must say the view is gorgeous. However, the only setback was that despite being windy, the sun was pretty glaring and I wished I had rem to bring along my sunglasses =(

I was so glad when I realised my royal prince has brought along an umbrella for me to use =)

Boy, it felt really great to be out in the sun. Felt way much lively than to always stay indoors.

Being excited, I grabbed Mr. Octopus and started flying!!!

Let my kite soar!!!!!!! I simply fell in love in flying a kite with a gorgeous backdrop behind.

My Mr Octopus swimming happily in the sky!

Soon sir woodblock took over Mr Octopus while I laze around on the picnic mat.

It just feels so different kite flying here at marina barrage. I think we are so gonna come back again for special occasions but of cos it will be more romantic with a lesser crowd.

I tried playing around with the camera to take more stylo pics of my hero sir woodblock.

There were some interesting kite's accessories we saw over here at marina barrage eg. this spiral turning kite was attached midway on the string of the main kite! I must say it was really beautiful and when I finally become a professional kite flyer one day, I want something like this too but I wonder where did they get this from?

While I was lazing around, there was this little cute dog which waited so patiently beside its owner!!! Super cute. It is a pity I am afraid of animals in general, if not I would be playing with it =)

A happy and festive picnic! I love woodblock for this great idea!

Soon at 5:30pm, everyone stopped kite flying as we need to clear the sky for the NDP fighter planes to fly through!

We didnt realise that why everyone chose Marina Barrage to congregate during NDP, until many helicopters and planes started to fly over our heads!

It was exciting to hear everyone cheer at the same time whenever the Singapore Air Force planes flew past us above our heads! We felt so ever patriotic and proud to cheer along side with so many Singaporeans!!!!

Excited Princess Christine waiting for more planes to fly past!!!

One of the highlights! The 5 F16 zooming past us at high speed heading before they spread out like a fan, leaving a trail of smoke behind them!

Princess Christine was so happy to see awesomeness of The Singapore Air Force!

At 7:30pm, the public was once again allowed to continue to fly their kites. As we were a little tired so we decided to just sit around and admire the kites around us. Soon we realise it was a good choice as it felt really joyous to see a sky full of kites of different shapes, colours and sizes!

I couldnt help but pose with this hard to come by opportunity => a sky full of kites. Being a little naughty, it was also fun for the majority of us to watch kites tangling around one another and fall to hit the crowd... lol and then everyone will go "WHOOOOOA", "OH NOOOOO", etc

As the night sky falls, some kite flyers even attached many little led lights to their kites and it seems suddenly like star gazing instead!

Finally after the long wait, "BANG", the sky was suddenly filled with fireworks!!!

There were even fireworks from the tall buildings too!!!

I love SINGAPORE and my sir woodblock too!

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