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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sushi Making Fun with Cheng Cheng

Every Sunday is usually a fun day as we get to play with my cousins' kids, cheng cheng and Siyu. So on one particular Sunday, I decided to let them have fun with sushi making!

Here are some of the ingredients. I cooked the tamago on my own as I learnt how to cook it some years ago while other ingredients were mainly prepared by my aunt, Alice.

I cant rem whether this is Aunt Alice or Cousin Pearlyn work but it sure looks appetising!

As for me and cheng cheng, we were both busily playing with the sushi rice stencil which I have bought from Diaso!

Cheng cheng trying to add in some ingredients to the stencil.

Then he tops it up with more sushi rice to cover it.

His masterpiece - the Ikan Bilis Smiley Boy

Mine was the Prawny Smile Bear

A better view of my masterpiece from top view.

Princess Christine asked Cheng Cheng : Guess what happens when they(Ikan Bilis Smiley Boy and Prawny Smile Bear) grow odd?

The aged Ikan Bilis Smiley Grandpa and Prawny Smile Bear
(Cheng Cheng laughs)

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