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Friday, August 20, 2010

Princess Christine's Sunset Porridge by the Sea

Poor Sir woodblock has been sick for since Thurs night with a cold. So on Friday late noon I decided to cook some nutritious porridge for him as I headed home from work. With some inspiration as I make a detour to the supermarket, I thought why not a beautiful sunset porridge to cheer him up?

Here's the ingredients I bought:
- 1 pumpkin (Steam and cut into tiny pieces before adding into porridge)
- 1 can of chicken soup with no msg and artificial flavouring
- 1 can of straw mushroon
- 1 cuttlefish
- 1 packet of fish slices
- 1 packet of mince pork (to make meatballs- one of my specialty which woodblock likes to eat. He always says that the meatballs has a taste of laopo's cooking.)
Total damage: S$13.15

Porridge is perhaps one of the easiest thing to cook with as all you need to do is prepped all the ingredients and add them into the porridge at suitable timings. Within an hour's time......

Princess Christine's Sunset porridge by the sea is ready!!!

This sunset porridge by the sea look so appetising that my sick sir woodblock manage to eat 2 bowls of it (despite of poor appetite). Plus there were loads of his fav meatballs in it!

Of cos I did a little presentation and arrange the fish slices on top to make it look even yummy =) Woodblock was pretty surprise when he woke up for dinner and saw the porridge as he neither expect it to be so pretty in colour (ok the truth was porridge wasnt his cup of tea as he often find it too blend for his taste) nor know that I can cook up a sunset porridge (actually me too, it was a dish out of impulse inspiration.)

The Sunset porridge tastes great with the sweetness of the pumpkin that is infuse in the porridge. The fact that the porridge is filled with loads of seafood like cuttlefish and fish slices, it makes you feel like you are dining by the sea.
A cosy and heart warming dish for my sick woodblock.

Nutrition facts of pumpkin:

Pumpkin contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, niacin, such elements as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, silicon and copper. The great number of pectins, contained in the pumpkin, helps to remove the excess of harmful cholesterol from the body. Pumpkin seeds are useful for male potency -lol. Also they can be eaten on an empty stomach to expel helminths.Pumpkin fiber is soft, so it is a valuable dietary product. Pumpkin has a positive effect on people suffering from gastroenteric diseases. Stewed, boiled pumpkin and pumpkin porridge are particularly useful for people with high acidity of gastric juice. Doctors and nutritionists include mashed pumpkin in nutrition of patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Pumpkin helps to form ulcers’ scars quicker.

For my busy job, I always end up with skipping lunch and loads of gastric problem since the start of my career and it is a relief to know that pumpkin happens to be able to help me in terms of gastric problems =) Dont worry I did not make woodblock at any of the pumpkin seeds at all =P

BUT perhaps I should add it in next time and pretend that it was a careless mistake of a housewife who forgot to remove the pumpkin seeds.

Posing with my masterpiece =) Ok I looked a little oily after the cooking as I did not have time to wash up after cooking.

BUT this is the true beauty of a glowing housewife in the heart of a husband!!!

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